Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 

About Us

ForestWind Cattery is located in the Elmwood Village neighborhood of Buffalo, NY, USA. We are fortunate to be a short drive from Toronto, Canada, and within easy drive or flight of most eastern seaboard cities. Additionally, we courier our pet kittens all over the world. 

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ForestWind Siberians is a Siberian Cat Breeder dedicated to ensuring your pet Siberian is happy, healthy, and huggable, while we work to preserve the aboriginal Siberian Cat and ensure the genetic diversity of our ForestWind lines.

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Breeding hypoallergenic cats does not deprive rescue / shelter cats of homes.  We place most of our kittens into cat allergic or asthmatic pet homes.  Folks who have cat allergies are unable to adopt shelter cats.  And, we find that folks employed in educational, health, and other service fields can be concerned about carrying fel d-1 into work on their clothing and hair then causing distress to cat allergic patients, students, and clients.