Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 

We accept and review Foster Applications year round. It takes us a good amount of time to work with a potential foster home and to decide, together with a potential foster family, that this would be a good situation for our kitten, the family and for us. If a home is approved, then we discuss the best kitten placement with them. 

We encourage you to read our entire website, as well as ask as many questions as you have. Expressing concerns or worries to us does *not* rule you out as a foster home. In fact, we like to learn that a family has thought through ALL of the implications of fostering before they and we agree to a fostering situation :) For us, fostering is a big commitment, and we know that it is a big commitment for the foster home as well.

We look forward to your questions about Fostering, as well as learning why you are interested in fostering. 

Does Fostering Mean a Free ForestWind Siberian for Me?

Yes! By fostering our Siberian kittens we are  able to give back to families who might not be able to afford a ForestWind Siberian, but do have the time and love to raise three litters of kittens, or for males to possibly show your boy. 
Are you wondering, "Why does ForestWind Foster? "

That's a good question! Here are some of the very good reasons why we enjoy this European breeding tradition: 

1. Fostering is important to the health of your fostered Siberian and her kittens. Fostering reduces health risks for kittens; it improves /maintains the health of the Queen (Siberian Mama cat); and it offers superlative socialization of the fostered mama cat and her eventual kittens.

2. Fostering means being able to healthily build diverse genetics. By working with foster families, ForestWind is able to keep diverse genetics in their breeding program by keeping more Siberians healthily in the breeding program (i.e. not crowded, not stressed), and breeding them only a few times each. This means that today's kittens and tomorrow's kittens have the  very best chance of being healthy and vigorous.

3. Fostering means no rehoming at retirement. By employing the fostering tradition, ForestWind ensures that their future Queens or Studs are growing up and staying forever with their foster family.  A fostered Siberian is not stressed by living around several other whole (not desexed) cats. Best of all,  a fostered kitten is never stressed by rehoming when she retires - she's already there! 

4. Fostering means sharing the joy of having a Siberian kitty  with families who might not be able to afford to purchase a ForestWind kitten, but do have the time and love to raise kittens. As a Foster, you are helping build the rare Siberian breed. Your responsibility is to raise and love your fostered Siberian kitten just as if he or she is your very own. You will also raise the eventual kittens, or if fostering a male, host visiting queens he will be mated to. Once your queen's final litter of kittens (typically only three litters), go to their forever home, ForestWind desexes your Siberian cat and she is now legally yours. Your Siberian will need to be brought to Buffalo every three years for free (paid by ForestWind) HCM and PKD health testing. Males have a longer career, as it is important to show them and to be able to assess their cardiac health and overall vigor between ages five and seven in order to make a decision about maintaining their offspring in our breeding program. Until your Siberian is desexed, vetting is paid for by ForestWind. During this time you pay for food, litter, climbers, scratching posts, toys... just as you would if you paid for your Siberian.