Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 

ForestWind Siberian's Kitten Purchase Process

There is no cost or obligation to purchase when you complete and return informational forms.  Instead you will benefit from our extensive expertise and experience in working with Siberian cats and Siberian pet families.

Here are the steps to working with ForestWind:

1. Read the Learn About Us information. 
2. Read the Kitten FAQs
3. Complete and return your Kitten Preference Form. 
4. Respond to any questions we of you ask in reply. 
> if you are not cat allergic or asthmatic, skip ahead to step #11.  

5. If you are cat allergic or asthmatic, read the Allergy / Asthma FYI and complete steps 6 - 10.
     6. Complete and return your Allergy / Asthma Form. 
     7. Respond to any questions we ask of you in reply. 
     8. Read any informational or allergy challenge emails we send in response to your Allergy / Asthma Form.
     9. If approved as a kitten home pending a successful allergy challenge, make arrangements to conduct the                     necessary challenge. 
    10. If your challenge is successful, your kitten reservation with ForestWind will be confirmed.  

11. Complete and return your Kitten Reservation Form 
12. Make your reservation payment. 
13. Friend Kate Stryker on Facebook so you can be added to your season's private kitten reservation group (required). 
14. Read the materials and information posted on the group and post any questions. 
15. Keep up with your kitten reservation group's posting and notices. This is especially important to you in case earlier kittens become available.
16. Prepare to bring your kitten home. 
17. Select your kitten in order of your reservation
18 Make arrangements to bring your kitten home. 
19. Transition your Kitten according to ForestWind's Transition instructions. 
20. Stay in direct communication with ForestWind Siberians until your kitten is well settled and behaving affectionately and playfully with a variety of people and is confident and comfortable in a variety of situation.