Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 

ForestWind Siberian Kittens

We nurture your successful ForestWind Siberian kitten purchase with factual, down to earth information on topics of interest and support to you. We spend a lot of time discussing topics such as strategies to ensure a successful Transition; to health care and nutrition; to managing cat allergies. As a cat allergic cat loving family ourselves, we know how important this information and support is!

Learn about the steps involved in buying a ForestWind Siberian kitten on our FAQs page.

We take your Siberian kitten's health so seriously that we provide a 10 year genetic health guarantee.  Learn more about the health of our Siberian kittens and cats here.  

Do you adore kittens? Do you have a loving home? Do you live near Buffalo, New York? How about Fostering? It's an opportunity to help build a genetically diverse, happy, healthy, and hypoallergenic line of rare Siberian cats. Oh, and to snuggle kittens. Check out our Fostering FAQs