Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 

Our Adult Siberians

Our adult Siberians live a life as close to a pet's life as we can manage. They live in our home (not in a garage, barn, or basement); they have their own bedrooms (just like kids!); They like spending time in the kitchen the very best (remind you of anyone in your family?!); and they even travel with us (our magnificent 1/2 Foundation stud Zhelan Manchzhury - to the left - loves to sunbathe during his winters in Florida!). 

Our Adults' page is under development. 

Check back as over the next weeks we will be adding photos of our adults - and of retirees who have offspring in our breeding program- information about health testing, care, nutrition, and eachs cat's temperament and personality. Thank you for your patience!