Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 

Allergy & Asthma Kitten Placement FYIs

Did you know that ForestWind Siberians places most of our kittens into cat allergic and / or asthmatic homes? Even better, we do it successfully! We have only needed to rehome three kittens who were placed into cat allergic or asthmatic homes. 

We believe a large part of our success rate is careful screening and support of prospective Kitten Families. To define "Kitten Family," it can be one person + a ForestWind kitten, or multiple people living together as a family + a ForestWind kitten. We are not focused on kitten sales, but rather placements. By this we mean we want to ensure - cat allergy family or not - that there is a proper fit between our kitten and your family. 

We want to also be sure there is a comfortable fit between you as the buyer and us as the breeder. Purchasing a kitten from a breeder you are not "in synch with" results in not asking for help with any questions or problems that arise. It means that you might make unnecessary expenditures at the Vet's when other advice fits the situation better, or that you are not armed with the knowledge you need to be comfortable asking a Veterinarian for the proper testing and treatment of your Siberian. We know ForestWind Siberians is not the Breeder for everyone! We helpfully link to sites listing many Siberian cat breeders world wide. Please note - this is NOT an approval of listed catteries, this is a resource. Conduct your research carefully!

We also help our prospective Kitten Families consider the steps they will want to take once bringing their Siberian home. These steps go from the early transition period; to proper nutrition for your Siberian (which even impacts allergy levels and temperament!); to keeping your Siberian emotionally and physically healthy (unstressed cats produce less allergens); to cleaning strategies for the home to ensure the majority of any allergens produced are removed; to our step by step support on allergy friendly bathing and grooming routines for your Siberian. 

We have allergy assessment strategies for pre-approval that may involve a fur sample challenge or an in-person allergy challenge (which in some cases we can arrange close to your home). These challenges help you assess - prior to committing to a purchase - the level of reactivity you or a family remember may experience. We do require  commitment to ForestWind prior to arranging allergy challenges for prospective kitten homes. 

Our allergy / asthma form provides us with information about your home and your allergy - asthma situation that allows us to provide you with targeted, situation - specific information on your chances of a successful purchase, as well as steps you can to take to ensure your purchase is a good one. 

By supporting our cat allergic or asthmatic buyers with information, advice, and care strategies, we ensure that each family who brings home a ForestWind Siberian kitten or two is ready to enjoy many years of happiness and comfort with their sweet Siberians. 

We look forward to supporting you through your exploration of purchasing a ForestWind Siberian kitten of your own!

For a an even more detailed explanation, read our FYI: Allergic  & Asthmatic Homes