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Animal Tissue an Essential Source of Vitamins and Water

Posted on April 10, 2013 at 3:55 AM

Did you know that as a feline, your Siberian kitten or cat has unique vitamin needs?

All felines have a special requirement for vitamin A, which is available naturally only in animal tissue.

Cats lack the necessary intestinal enzymes to convert B-carotene in plants to the active form of vitamin A.

Vitamin A is essential for maintenance of vision, growth of bone and muscle, reproduction, and the health of epithelial tissues.

Vitamin D is also essential in the diets of cats because they lack the ability to synthesize it through their skin. The liver and fatty tissue of animals is rich in vitamin D.

Domestic cats evolved from desert-dwelling ancestors, which is why they rely on their foods as a water source.

Felines are not as responsive as other animals to sensations of thirst or dehydration. When fed a dry food diet, cats aren't driven to search for another source of water to make up the difference between what their bodies require and what their diet provides.

This results in chronic mild dehydration, a condition that can ultimately result in disease, especially of the feline lower urinary tract and kidneys.

Raw feeding prevents many of these health ills from occuring to your cat. Yes, you could offer canned food, but most canned foods are composed of water, fillers, and subquality meats.

From "Why Real Meat is Best for Your Cat."


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