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Heal Your Cat - Switch to Raw Feeding!

Posted on March 1, 2013 at 1:25 AM

Just like Humans, Felines do best eating healthy foods that are compatible with their digestive systems. The following email from a ForestWind Family, explains the benefits of a raw diet for a feral cat they care for.

"On a happy note, I know you get lots of feedback on how impressed Vets are with the excellent health and sweet temperament of ForestWind kittens. I want to share how your suggestions for healthy ForestWind Siberian kitten care made our Vet happy by improving the life of our 16 year old semi-feral Grandma cat, Roo.

Roo has chronic renal syndrome, and lost even more weight last year before the babies came.  Our Vet said she's struggling now and if she was a tame cat we'd start her on daily subcutaneous fluids. Unfortunately Roo is not a good patient and almost did in our kind Vet with a ninja attack when Dr. Klintworth had the audacity to look in her ear. Pretty scary.And we knew a daily hook up to an iv line and holding her still for 30 to 60 minutes for the infusion was a no go.

Well, since I was learning to make raw food in preparation for Max & Rosie's arrival,  I decided that the extra fluids in your raw food recipe my help Roo. Surprisingly, she took right to it and has become an excellent raw food eater!

When I took Roo in for her yearly visit this year, our Vet (after expressing disappointment that it wasn’t Max and Rosie, but nice to see you too, Roo), was incredibly impressed by her thick and glossy coat, and very excited that she had gained a pound in the last year - from  6.5 to 7.5-  quite a wonderful improvement!

So, thank you! Roo would thank you too, except her life expectancy was extended enough that she got an extra vaccination. Still, she’s very happy overall :)

Thank you so much for everything!

Ellen J."


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