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HELP! My Siberian's Coat is Matted!

Posted on August 17, 2013 at 2:05 AM

“I just discovered that my Siberian has mats in her coat. What should I do?”

This is a VERY popular question for cat groomers.  Siberian cats can get mats in the most awkward places -- armpits, rump, lower belly, under the chin, or behind the ears.  

Anxious about trying to comb out or finger pick out a mat, Siberian cat owners may decide to try cutting them out of their kitten or cat's fur. This is trickier than it looks and can easyily result in an ugly cut on your Siberian's tender skin. If your Siberian is so matted that you decide combing and finger work will not do the trick, make an appointment with a professional cat groomer to have your Siberian de matted. Depending on how badly matted she is, this may be require shaving her to a comb cutor a lion cut, or the groomer may be able to work professional magic and restore the coat. Now that this is accomplished, promise you will maintain the coat with regular care! 

Of course, the number one simplest way to groom mats is to ensure they never occur in the first place. Instead enjoying daily or every other day combing - including the tummy and underarms - of your Siberian kitten or cat is not only a lovely time of bonding for your cat, but also ensures the dreaded mats do not appear.

You can imagine how painful matting is for cats. Matted fur "tightens up" and pulls that delicate Siberian skin every time your Siberian stretches, runs, or plays.

Ok, you have discovered that your Siberian has a mat or two, and you are confident you can handle this at home. What are the best tools to safely "de-lump" your cat? 

Ball tip scissors

The tip helps avoid punctures or cuts from the sharp tips of most scissors. Be sure to place a steel comb between the mat and your Siberian's skin before attempting to snip, snip out the matt. If you are unable to get a comb under the mat, this is a signal to seek professional assistance. 

The red battery opperated Bravura Wahl Clippers  can come in handy for basic mats. If you decide to be brave and use a clipper, be sure to have a friend or partner help you. It is best to have one person holding, calming your Siberian and the other using the clippers. Before actually using clippers on your Siberian, get her accustomed to the sound by turning them on and off. Help her associate it with pleasure by engaging her in active play or offering a favourite (healthy!) food treat. If you need to remove more than one or two matts, it would be wisest to make the appointment with a groomer, and then follow up closely with your Siberian so that the coat remains more manageable in the future. 

The powerful blue and black Wahl corded clippers are for large, tight mats.  Care must be taken when using them, because the blades can get hot during the time it takes to shave off the big mats.  Using clippers safely takes practice.  The safest technique is to "work down" towards the bottom of the matt. This allows you to shave away the longer hair on top of the matt, and also allows you to assess if your Siberian will be able to emotionally and physically (movement) handle your clipping her at home. 

Now that you've rescued your Siberian and she is comfortable and happy again, keep your eyes open for our next blog post on Siberian Coat Maintenance. 

Happy Snuggling! 

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