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How Can I Heal From The Loss of My Cat?

Posted on April 23, 2013 at 5:15 AM

Many of our ForestWind Siberian Kitten Families find us after they have lost a beloved cat who has been part of their life and heart for many years, often as long as 15 to 18!

Our beloved Sultan died of PKD at age 7. In the week before his death we provided him with specially prepared broths, as well as  supplementary hydration several times a day.

We know this family will be wonderful for our Siberian baby as they have bonded so closely with and taken such great care of their previous feline family members.

What suggestions can we offer to help them with healing before adoption?

This article by Tim Link on Catster offers six very helpful suggestions for those on healing from the loss of a beloved feline.


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