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How Fel d1 Spreads Throughout Your Home

Posted on March 28, 2013 at 2:10 AM

How is Fel d1 Produced& How Does it "Get Around" in My Home?

Did you know that the fel d1 allergen is very stable and can remain potent in your home environment for over a year ? This means it is important to understand how the fel d1 is expressed by cats and how it travels around in our environment. Understanding these two points are the first step in developing your allergen reduction plan. 

Fel d1 is a very light, tiny protein cats express in their saliva, their skin oils, and their anal glands. This tiny protein is the source of big problems for a lot of people: it is the substance they are reacting to when a cat makes them itch, sneeze, or experiece hives.

How does this fel d spread around my  Siberian kitten's body and then all over my home?

Salivary fel d1 is spread throughout the fur as your Siberian  licks herself during grooming.

Sebaceous fel d1 is expressed by your Siberians oil glands. The body oil acts as a vector for the fel d1 and spreads it all over your cat's body as the oils are distrubuted. Additionally, you r Siberians grooming practice transfers those oils to any part of the body they haven't already reached. 

The fel d 1 expressed by your Siberian's anal glands is present in the litter box. 

Feld-1 spreads through the atmosphere of your home via your Siberian's loose hair, her dander, and in the dust and scatter from the litter box. Any place your cat has been in your home will have fel d1 distributed in it. 

There is hope, however! There are cleaning strategies - for your cat and your home - that help combat and remove the fel d1 that causes allergy problems for so many. Look for our future post  "Learn the Top 5 Unfair Allergy Rules." 

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