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You Want a Cat. Your Partner is Allergic. What Can You Do?

Posted on May 12, 2013 at 12:00 AM

You want a cat. Change that, you *desperately* want a cat. But... someone in your house is allergic. Uncomfortably allergic. Is there a solution? 

Yes! By committing to some simple daily and weekly grooming and care strategies you can ensure your adoption of a ForestWind Siberian Kitten is comfortable for everyone. 

Adopt these five steps to ensure your cat is hypoallergenic for your partner and life is comfortable and happy for all! 

5 Steps To Hyper Allergenic Heaven!

Step # 1: Apply Allerpet Daily. Apply Allerpet C to your Siberian kitten or cat's coat daily. This prevents much of the fel d1 allergen from becoming airborne while your Siberian is going about her daily job of being the world's best cat. 

Step # 2: Comb out the coat Daily.  Using a double tined rake, or a tool like the Furminator, comb out your Siberian's beautiful coat to remove the loose hair which carries the sticky fel d 1 allergen on it to where ever that silky fur would end up. Removing it before it gets spread around is a good "anti-allergy" strategy!

Step # 3 Bathe your Siberian kitten or cat weekly to remove the dander and the fel d1 protein from her  body. You can can use just tap water or a mild shampoo. It is simply the act of thoroughly wetting, rubbing the coat, and rinsing that removes the dander carrying the fel d1. We use a 1/2 c of white vinegar in several gallons of warm tap water as a final rinse to ensure all shampoo is out of her coat and is not irritating the skin. 

Consider: Bathing cats with shampoos or grooming solutions which contain tannins or borates deactivates many allergens. Normal levels return within a week.  

Step #4 : Declare certain areas of your home "off limits" to your cat. Bedrooms are top priority. Next is a family room or other area where the cat allergic family member spends a lot of time. Speaking of bedrooms, why not declare the "Transition Room" a permanent bedroom / retreat for your Siberian? When you go to bed, so does kitty -right  in her own cozy  bedroom. Keep your HEPA filter (whether stand alone like one of the Friedrich units, or whole house like the Aprilaire 5000), running at all times in here.

Consider: Installing doors may be necessary to provide a "cat free comfort zone" for your cat allergic family member(s). 


Step #5: Up your house keeping game:  HEPA vacuuming the rugs, click here to see rated vacuum models, mopping hard surface flooring; and wiping off surfaces daily all help reduce allergen build up in your home.


Once you begin to emply these strategies you will find not only your cat is comfortably hypoallergenic, but be pleasantly surprised at how all household members are even healthier :) 

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