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What Does A Silver Siberian Look Like?

Posted on April 20, 2013 at 1:25 AM

When exploring adopting a Siberian kitten or cat, one of the most confusing parts of adoption for many people is explaining to the breeder what colour and pattern of cat is your dream cat.  For example, what are breeders talking about when they call a cat "red" or "blue" or "silver?"  Is silver different than White? Does silver look grey? Why is a solid grey cat called blue? 

Different cat registeries up the level of confusion by using different names for colours and patterns, and breeders who register with those organziations use those terms. You may find one breeder referring to a blue patched silver girl where another breeder woud refer to the same cat as being a blue cream silver. In Europe they make things much easier by using a number / lettering code called EMS - for Easy Mind System:) It truly is simple! The aforementioned Siberian would be a SIB gs standing for a Siberian who is a blue tortoiseshell. 

While we have had pages on our website to illustrate Siberian coat colours and patterns, we are not the world's best photographers ;) Luckily we've found some local folks who are terrific! :) Dr and Mrs Michael Goldestein have kindly offered to come to our home to photograph our Siberians. We'll be using these fabulous photos to ilustrate coat colour and pattern by creating Albums on our website's Photo Gallery page :) 

Here is an example of their stunning work. ForestWind Kir Sharikovich is a silver mackerel Siberian. Even more particularly, breeders talking to each other would refer to him as a "broken mackerel" because the genetic spotting factor is breaking up his stripes into dashes.  Enjoy other stunning Goldstein photos of Kir in our new Silver Siberians Album :) 

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