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Special Needs Child's Best Friend!

Posted on December 29, 2013 at 12:30 AM

Dear Kate,

This praise has been a long time in coming, but I just wanted to say "Thank you" once again for our beautiful Valentine.

Bradley (our 5 year old with Down Syndrome), scared away most pets in his eagerness to play with them. I can not tell you enough how incredible it is to see he and Valentine playing together each day!

Bradley is still non-verbal, but his smiles of love, the way he gently sits down to pet his "kitty", and the fits of giggling when Valentine starts purring and "kissing" his face are simply PRICELESS.

Siberian cats are like no other breed! The two of them even play together, running through Brad's indoor "tents", chasing toys--they truly love to be together.

I wish I could send you a picture of Valentine playing with Bradley for your website as a testimonial, but I'm clueless when it comes to things like that.

Please keep up your work with the Siberian breed, and stress to those with any doubts that this cat is simply the BEST FRIEND my special needs child has ever had.

:) Kimberly Yerina

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