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Can I Get a ForestWind Siberians Fur Sample?

Posted on January 21, 2014 at 3:40 PM
Did you of the easiest ways to assess allergic sensitivity is via a fur sample?

Fur samples are 25 USD, with 100% of that applied to your kitten purchase if you are adopting with us :) 

Payment is made via to 
In the message, please indicate this payment is for a fur sample and also include your mailing address. 

Below is the information on assessing reactivity via a fur sample :) 

Dear Siberian Cat Lover,
We know you are excited about receiving your ForestWind Siberians fur sample for allergy testing, but please take a minute to read over this letter in order to ensure the most effective assessment for you.
Thank you for your patience if you waited for this sample!  Collecting an "allergy sample” can take more time than you might imagine. Although Siberians are not “non-shedding cats,” they are definitely low-shedding cats!  One non-shedding season time when we collected fur, it took over a week to collect enough hair for just two samples!
We send you a mixed sample of our adult boys’ and girls' unwashed fur. Additionally, the paper towel we include is wiped over our cats’ back and neck to pick up oils and dander. In this way the towel can also be used to determine sensitivity.
Be sure to expose the allergic person(s) to the fur for extended periods of time, and to repeat this exposure several days in a row. Sometimes people are fine the first time, but as the allergen level builds over successive days they become reactive. The last thing you would want is to conduct too a brief exposure, be excited, assume the allergic person is fine, adopt, and then as the cat grows older find that reactivity begins.
Start the assessment by sniffing the sample.  If there is no reaction; continue by rubbing some fur on the inner wrist and on cheek. Check for reactivity over the next hour. If there is no reaction, the next step is to put some of the fur onto a pillow and then sleep with that pillow for several days, adding a new bit of fur each night. This provides a lengthy period of increasing exposure as the nights pass. If there is no reaction to this stepped exposure, you will want to – if possible for you– meet a Siberian cat live and in person to further check your allergic response.
There is nothing better than actually interacting with the live animal, and best yet the parents of the kitten you hope to adopt. However, fur/dander exposure is a good way to begin to assess reactivity.
WARNING: If you have extreme allergies – any type of reaction which closes your airways, etc – DO NOT test with a fur sample. Discuss with your allergist the best way to assess your reactivity, and only conduct that assessment WITH your physician. We assume no liability for your exposure or any medical problems that arise with from it. This assessment is conducted at your own risk. Please be practical and determine yourself if this is a sensible step for you to take!

Warmly, and with best wishes for a successful challenge,

Kate Stryker
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