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A Thanksgiving Love Letter to ForestWind Siberians

Posted on November 10, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Dear Kate,
How are you?  How are the kids?  How are the cats?  If I'm not mistaken, you're going to be blessed with another litter soon.  Please send me an update when you get a chance!
I wanted to write (it's been too long) and wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.  It will be the first American Thanksgiving that we have ever celebrated, in large part because of the kindness of new American friends like you! 
We have some great news - our daughter Isabel's health problems have been manageable as of late! She is now able to attend school regularly, and though she has many physical limitations, her pain level is far better than it was.  Last week, she even went 10 days in a row without any pain meds at all!  Smile emoticon 
And of course, our precious boy Wills, has been an incredible friend to us through it all.  He is actually more like a dog, always needing to be with the family.  Daniel and I finally couldn't hold off any longer and he now sleeps with us every night.  My allergies must be mild enough, because they aren't troubling me at all.  Though he is only 6 months old now, he's already 8 lbs.  Do I need to worry about that?  When he jumps from any height, it's quite the "thud!" 
For Isabel, Wills is an excellent distraction, garnering smiles that would have not been otherwise.  He often lies in her arms, with his enormous white tummy, purring up a storm.  On her face is a look of complete contentment.  Wills has also been such a healing force for Isabel's sister Anneliese (who is finally a big sister because of him), Daniel and I.  We had hoped that he would bring happiness into our home, but we could never have suspected how much he has brought to us. 
Other than the change in  Wills' sleeping arrangements, we've ramped up the grooming.  At about 5 months, his fur tripled!  Since we got back into grooming after a few month's break, at first it wasn't his favourite activity. But, with routine and treats, he's come to accept it as the new norm, and he looks gorgeous!  He's now so furry that he could be mistaken for a teddy bear!
Thank you again for this wonderful boy.  We are thinking of you always, but especially on this Thanksgiving.  I pray you know how much gratitude we have in our hearts for you. 
With best wishes,
Tina, Daniel, Isabel, Anneliese and Wills

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