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How We Breed & How Often

Posted on July 22, 2014 at 5:25 PM

We are a developing breeding program, only nine years old, and we believe in just a few litters per queen and for each stud, together with early retirements for both.

So, we breed when we have the properly paired parents available. We are trying to build genetic diversity into North America - sadly the difficulties of importing when the breed began being imported in 1990 led to limited genetic pool, a lot of inbreeding, and an increase in inherited diseases.

Some years this means only one litter per season (four litters a year). Other years we might have two or even three litters in one season, giving us potentially more kittens.

Our focus in on selecting kittens for our program that are very healthy, with hardy immune systems, of easy going and loving temperaments, together with attempting to bring back the original large sized Siberians -- think about the large size of the northern USA raccoons, or how large cougars are in Northern Canada versus in Southern Florida.

We look forward to your questions and exploration of ForestWind Siberians as you search for the purrfect Siberian kitten to bring home!


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