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5 Easy Steps to an Allergy Friendly Home

Posted on July 28, 2014 at 12:00 AM

1. No Pets in the Cat Allergic Bedroom: Keep allergens out of the bedroom - 8 hours of allergy free breathing can make the difference between no to low reactivity and an uncomfortably itchy/sneazy time. Always bathe before bed, and leave that day's clothing in a bathroom hamper instead of in the bedroom.

2. Use Air Filters: Carefully research air filtration units, and place one in your bedroom and one in the kitten's bedroom. Replace the HEPA filters every three (instead of 6 as rec'd), months.

3. Employ a Kitty Bedroom: Keep your kitten's welcoming room as a kitty bedroom after the transition phase is completed. By keeping kitten in her bedroom every night and when folks are at work or school, any produced allergens are contained and can be easily vacuumed up with a high quality HEPA vacuum. If possible vacuuming should be done by a non allergic person . If not, the allergic or asthmatic individual should wear a dust mask when vacuuming.

4. Grooming: Bathe your Siberian in warm water weekly, and once a month use Dawn dishsoap (yes, really), followed by a rinse in white vinegar and warm water. Even rinsing your Siberian with warm water helps remove the dander and fur that carry Feld d 1 about your home.

5. Housekeeping: Remove throw rugs, and replace high pile carpeting with low pile or better yet wood or tile flooring. When choosing furnituer opt for slipcovers (easyt to remove and wash) or leather which is easy to wipe clean daily. Window furnishing should be easy to run through the washer or shades or blinds that allow damp cleaning. Damp mop floors daily.Wipe off woodwork weekly.

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