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Posted on August 16, 2019 at 3:35 PM



# 1 strategy for a physically and emotionally healthy feline: a best friend. It is simplest to provide that best friend from the beginning / early on. There are a few Siberians who prefer solo life / king or queen of the castlehood, and we make that clear at kitten selection time.


#2 providing activities and enrichment for your Siberians to involve them in activities and interests while you are gone.

bird feeders hanging outside, or attached to windows;

bird baths in yard;

to cat videos (portraying fish, birds, small mammals, insects, etc in natural settings);

to soothing music, such as Harp for Hope ; or soothing piano music;

to interactive and safe toys Kong, Catit Play Circuit; sturdy and safe bell balls, crinkle tunnels for playing chase; turbo scratchers - which have both cardboard scratcher inserts as well as grass inserts; eight track ball toy;

providing a variety of cat scratchers in different locations in your home;

providing several different ways for your Siberian to be "up:" shelves, poles, climbers,  leaping stations, cardboard creations, snugglers, lotus shelving;

supplying catnip or organic grass stations;


placing cosy cuddlers throughout your home. 


#3 engaging in person:cat play sessions of at least 10 minutes in length twice daily, ideally these sessions are at least morning and late evening right before bed time. Teasers," target="_blank" rel="nofollow">laser lights, balls to throw, any toy that involves you, your Siberians, and lots of running are ideal.


#4 grooming and snuggling kitty daily. Cats groom each other both out of necessity (parts of body they can't reach easily - back of head, jaws, etc), and also to bond and reenforce affiliation. Combing, brushing, stroking, and talking with your kitties provides this same type of sensation and well being to them, as well as allows you to know their healthy bodies well and therefor to be aware of early changes if your cat is not feeling well or is in ill health for some reason.

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