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Do I Need A Kitten Reservation?

Posted on January 7, 2014 at 7:35 AM
We accept a limited number of reservations for our kittens. We have limited litters each year and enjoy taking the time with each group of baby kittens - really getting to know them, their personality quirks, preferences, and temperaments :) 

People who would like to have "first crack" at picking their Siberian kitten, make a Kitten Reservation with us after they've been approved as a kitten home. ForestWind Siberians does not have a waiting list, nor do we rank order our Kitten Reservations. All kitten reservations are in a "pool." The Reservations Pool gives folks the right to select their kitten from our currently available kittens. When those kittens are at the proper age to be selected, folks are given the choice to visit and pick in person, or to select from photos and descriptions. It is completely up to them. 

Kitten Selection occurs on a weekend most typically. We set up a weekend so that everyone has a fair opportunity to see the kittens and make their choices. Anyone visiting in person is given an appointment time and is able to interact with the kittens without anxiety about the kittens being distracted by other families. After the visit, or after looking over the kitten photos and descriptions, we ask folks to rank order the kittens. Most often people are able to buy their # 1 choice kitten. But what happens if two people want the same kitten? 

Most often we do find that people have different "# 1's." However, there are occasions where two families want the same kitten. In those situation, we  look at each families needs, the kitten's temperament, and the families # 2 choices (if they have one). We then talk more with each family - sometimes one family will share information that is ok'd to be shared to the other proposed family. It might be that they have a special needs family member for whom the kitten will act as a therapy pet, or other information they'd like the other family to consider. Many times one of the two families likes their # 2 kittens just as or almost as much as the # 1. Rarely folks will decide to wait for another litter - which is just fine. There is no charge or any problem to delay the decision to choose one's kitten. 

Our selection process is one of the reasons we only accept limited Reservations: we want there to be enough kittens so that we have more kittens than Reservations. After our Reservations Families have selected and confirmed their kittens, we offer (any remaining available) kittens to folks who are approved for a kitten but who decided against a Reservation. At that point it is "first come first serve" (ie if a person selects a kitten and it is available, it is theirs once they've paid their deposit).  If any kittens after our approved famiies have made teir choices, then we may announce the kittens via our Facebook kittens group, or on our the Fan page or our Blog. We take a fairly slow pace on it, as our experience is that folks find us and we like to have the kind of pacing that allows us and our families to really check each other out, rather than push to place a kitten. 

If you have any questions about Reservations and kitten selection, please let us know. As you can see from above, a Reservation is not a requirement to purchase a kitten from us :) 

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