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Enrich Your Siberian Cat's Life With Safe OutDoor Play - Use a Harness

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Most Siberian cats and kittens enjoy being outdoors. In many localities today there are leash laws even for cats. In addition to compliance with the law, using a harness and leash on your Siberian cat when he is outdoors is a safety measure for him.

We like the Coastal Pet Products harnesses. (On sale today at PetCo). The style we find most convenient looks like a mesh walking jacket (image above). It is simple to slip on your Siberian cat or kitten by tucking his front legs through the arm holes and pulling the sides up over his back to velcro them closed, then clip then and finally add a layer of protection by using the leash to clip together the "D rings" on the side flaps.

Never use a collar on any cat!They are quite dangerous! Collars can quickly become caught, tangled, and then strangle your Siberian cat. Even "break away" style collars are not injury proof. If you love your Siberian cat reguister its microchip in case it is losst or stolen and depend on a jacket style harness for safe and enjoyable access to the outdoors.

When picking our your Siberian cat's harness, one avoid the type with thin straps and many adjustments and instead look for a harness that is more of a "walking jacket" style which is easy to put onto your Siberian kitten or cat.

To put on the harness, first slide his front legs into the arm holes and then lift the flaps up and over his back, velcroing them into place. Next click together the plastic fasteners (they can be stiff when new), and finally, use a light leash of no more than 6 to 8 feet in length to add an additional level of security by clipping it through the two "d rings" on the harness's velcro'd flaps. It's easier than it sounds [:)]

Initially put your Siberian in the jacket and let him run around inside with it on. As time goes on and you develop the knack of putting on the harness, then carry him outside - always carry so that your Siberian knows that is the *only* access to outdoors. This helps prevent running between your legs to get out when they harness if off [:)]

An option that many of our kitten families enjoy is take their pets out in pet strollers. These strollers have mesh zip fronts so the Siberian rides in the seat and can see out but not get out. never allowing your Siberian out when not wearing a harness will ensure he is friendlier about harness wearing as time goes on You can keep him away from the doors by using a scat mat (gives a light shock) that you move from exterior door to exterior door to keep him guessing. Soon he will learn he must be in harness and leash and picked up to leave your home Please feel welcome to friend" me at" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Kate Stryker on Facebook and we welcome you to request membership in our" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Siberian Chat group [:)]

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