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10 Allergy Rules

Posted on April 12, 2019 at 2:30 PM

Did you know that one of the most common questions we receive  "Why do some people react to one cat with known low Fel d 1 levels and not to another cat with known low fel d 1 levels?"


And the very simple answer most often is, "Because the humans with the reactive cat are not following ForestWind Siberian's allergy care strategies." What are those easy to implement steps? Read on...


ForestWind Siberian's Ten Allergy Rules


1. Bathe your Siberian cat weekly.


2. Feed your Siberian cat a nutritious, high protein diet.


* Surprisingly, Royal Canin, Iams and Science Diet foods, are often Vet recommended, yet each is prepared using nutritionally poor ingredients.


* ForestWind Siberians provides Kitten Families with specific information on what commercial foods to buy, and provides recipes and support for the healthiest diet: raw feeding.


3. Prepare your home before bringing home your Siberian kitten: remove carpeting, eliminate dust-collecting clutter, take off shoes when entering the home; replace non washable window dressings with washable ones; etc.


4. Give your kitten his or her own bedroom: keep your Siberian's Welcoming Room as his or her permanent bedroom. This keeps any fel d 1 produced plus any loose fur in one easy to vacuum location for the hours of sleeping and when you are away from home. It also keeps your Siberian in a safe, Siberian-proofed room while she is alone.


5. Exclude cats (and pets of any kind), from the bedroom.


6. Install and maintain effective air filtration devices for their home - high quality room filters for homes with electric baseboard, hot water baseboard, or radiator heat, and Electrostatic + a HEPA filter in the furnace duct work for those with forced air systems.


7. Use non-scented, clumping cat litter. Look for litter that is as dust free as possible. Avoid all "natural" litters as they are typically ineffective, smell badly, and are uncomfortable on the cat's paws.


8. Always shower before bed.


9. Wipe off your Siberian's coat daily. Easily done with a dampened terry wash cloth.


10. Wash one's hands after playing with or grooming your Siberian, and keep your hands out of your eyes and away from your nose (helps with preventing colds, too!). 


That's it - easy as pie!!


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