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Love Letters from our Kitten Families 

Quotes I have two wonderful Siberian cats from ForestWind. I adopted the first seven years ago and a second five years ago. They have always been healthy, happy people-loving cats and my friends call them the puppy-cats because of their affectionate social natures. Kate Stryker was a pleasure to do business with and I remain connected to her and my fellow ForestWind families. She is a constant source of great information about this breed and raising healthy happy cats in general. I was always allergic to cats but not these two whom I allow to sleep on my bed with no respiratory difficulties. I highly recommend ForestWind Siberians. Karen B, Long Island, New York 13 October 2018 Quotes
my friends call them the puppy-cats because of their affectionat

Quotes ForestWind and Kate have been the best! I researched for a long time online looking for a Siberian. I thought I?d found some, until I came across Kate?s ForestWind cattery. I found that she breeds first for health, then for temperament, with conformation as well. But health and temperament are paramount, and that is just what a pet owner wants. We have two ForestWind cats, Theofur and Sprite, and couldn?t be happier. Kate has been there with detailed instructions on transition home, a super breeder family page for support, and she?s always a phone call or email away to help with any question, no matter how small. Don?t know how she finds time to sleep, because she is so available to us owners. I love my ForestWind kitties and would ONLY recommend Kate and her cattery. She has the highest integrity and desire to help you and your pet, along with a sweet sense of humor! Janice R, Denver CO 13 October 2018 Quotes
Don?t know how she finds time to sleep, she is so available!

Quotes Kate Stryker is a smart caring and a breeder above all others. I highly recommend. Michele P, JD, Oregon 14 October 2018 Quotes
A Breeder Above All Others

Quotes We got 2 kittens from Forest Wind in August. They are thriving perfect little kittens! Kate is extremely knowledgeable and thorough, and her careful attention gave us two healthy kittens. Gaucho isn?t our first Siberian, these little guys are our third and fourth. We had no allergy issues with the first two, and no allergy issues with these guys. And my son and I are very allergic to cats! I like all the careful preparation that Kate did with the paperwork, she truly matches her kittens to prospective buyers. There will come a day when I will be looking for another Siberian kitten. We have an older Siberian along with our new little guy. I recommend Forest Wind to everyone, and I would not hesitate to purchase from Kate again. We are so happy with Gaucho! Alexis T 25 October 2018, Lancaster, PA Quotes
I recommend Forest Wind to everyone

Quotes Love our Siberian for our daughter with asthma and allergies! Laurie S 28 October 2018, San Francisco, CA Quotes
Love our Siberian

Quotes I cannot say enough about how wonderful ForestWinds is. Kate raises the most incredible cats and was fantastic when it came to us adopting our little girl. She is kind, patient, and helped answer any and all questions we had. She made sure that our kitten's transition into our home was a beautiful experience. Our little girl is now 8 months old and is the most loving animal I've ever met. She has made our lives infinitely better. Thank you Kate for everything. Malissa J 28 October 2018, Brooklyn, NY Quotes
Our Little Girl is the Most Loving Animal I've Ever Met

Quotes Of special importance to us was the therapy line. These kitties are particularly loving and gentle even with children. My daughter needed a support kitty to help her handle the vagaries of her life. She isn?t always still or calm and needed a kitty who would live her and be patient. Our Forestwind baby fit perfectly. These cats and Kate are the very best. Any question, any issue, any concern and Kate is right there with help, love, and support. Thank you, again and again, for our beautiful baby. We are constant and lifelong supporters. My very highest recommendations for Forestwind and Kate and family. Elliott in New York November 2018 Quotes
hese kitties are particularly loving and gentle even with childr

Quotes Forestwind is an exceptional and special family cattery. Kate is amazing with an immense knowledge and background in the Siberian lines. She takes great care to understand the need of the families who will be the forever homes of her kittens. Her babies couldn?t be any sweeter. They are truly loved and come to you relaxed, confident and strong. Following the transition process Kate has painstakingly developed has made the introduction and integration of kittens even into multicast homes a smooth process. Her greatest asset is her development of an excellent process to raise kittens from birth to be loving, sweet, and confident. This helps make for happy cats and families for life. Tracey H 24 November 2018, Rochester, NY Quotes
ForestWind is an Exceptional Cattery

Quotes Our family Siberian, Anatoli is remarkable. Tonight, he went to the vet for his Rabies and booster shot. The staff flocked to him. Many had not seen a Siberian in-person. The vet was amazed by Anatoli's disposition. At the visit, Anatoli was sweet, gentle, quiet, and affectionate. The vet said, "The breeder you got him from is remarkable. They've done a good job! You can tell he's been socialized, received affection early on, is used to being handled/touched, and is very confident. Not only is he beautiful, but he's a cool cat." Then, he wanted to know more about the Siberian breed and ForestWind. We smiled during the visit....we already knew Kate and Carolyn's Siberians are the best. However, for our vet to affirm this was extra special! Connie B 11 December 2018, Ohio Quotes
The vet said, "The breeder you got him from is remarkable.

Quotes The Siberians from Forest Wind are beautiful, loving and all around wonderful pets. The breeders are extremely communicative and are willing to provide thorough answers to all of my questions. Kate paired me up with the most gentle, loving cat ever (a trained therapy animal). The breeders at Forest Wind are serious about what they do and are very reliable. I have learned a lot of important information about care taking in my experience with Forest Wind. My Siberian, Chase, could not have been more perfect for me! Anyone who is serious about buying a cat should work with ForestWind Siberian Cat Breeder. Zoe V 19 December 2018 , Ohio Quotes
Anyone who is serious about buying a cat should work with Forest
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