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Quotes She follows me around like a little puppy. Every time I come home, she hears my car, and much before my husband can tell that it is me, she already knows it and tumbles down from the second floor's bedroom to greet me. She "talks" to me for a good 15 minutes and tries to climb on me until I take her to my arms for a "proper greeting." It almost looks like she is telling me what she did all day. She is very gentle, affectionate and playful. She loves to play fetch-we never thought that a cat can do that-she chooses one toy from a basket full of her toys, brings it to our feet and waits for one of us to throw it to another room, so she can chase it and bring it back again. She likes to watch television with us, or should I say, on the top of me, and if I am not available, she settles for my husband's lap, as long as he gives her a belly rub. My husband grew up with cats, but he says there has never been a cat like her - so wonderful! Quotes

Quotes thanks kate so much meeka is very good she weighs 6lbs now she gets in to everything i love her to death she plays with everything now she gets in to my bath tub and sits in it its so funny thanks again Quotes

Quotes Many thanks to ForestWind for trusting us with this beautiful boy. I highly recommend Kate & Carolyn's healthy, well trained, happy, and delightfully loving kittens! Gorel is bomb proof. He came to us three months ago, confident, outgoing and affectionate. Gorel is joyous, clownish, and playful; a water baby who tries to catch running water. He begs to come in the shower. He is intelligent, inquisitive, insistent, and rambunctious. Fastidious and attentive, he is placid in repose. The most wonderful surprise is that Gorel has brought an eighty year old man back to present time. Gorel's wild play times and gentle nap times enchant this gentleman. You will hear Gorel chirping and Sam talking to him as he sits on the floor grooming his Siberian cat. As a companion animal to older folks, a Siberian can help with many of the issues of aging. Our Gorel has brought us much joy and love! Thank you! Quotes

Quotes Gaya is the most amazing animal we have ever had. She has become part of our family and is the most loving and playful cat we have ever known. Her disposition is kind and her patience and tolerance of my 6 year daughter is incredible. Gayle, my wife has had no reaction to her at all. She sleeps on or in our bed at night. One of the most amazing things about her is that she want to be in the same room as us and when she has fallen asleep and we have moved to another part of the house, one can hear a mournful cry from her asking us where she is. She was spayed in October and recovered well, the vet we have is fascinated by her and has never seeing such a cat before. She lies on her back in Gayle's arms while he is looking at her and giving her her shot. Maya wants a cuddle every night and morning and really enjoys being picked up and stoked. She will sit on her hind legs and wave her front legs at Gayle for Gayle to pick her up. She is quite AMAZING and we love her! Quotes
Robin Mitchell

Quotes We are absolutely, positively in love!! I have never seen two young cats walk out of their pet taxi purring and acting like they were part of the family from minute one! The are so tolerant of the 5 year old twins picking them up and holding them. Plus they already seem to love my older son, my husband and me! And they are soooo beautiful! Thanks tons, we are one happy family!! Quotes
The Nesslers, Paradise, Texas

Quotes It is so nice to see that they do not cower from my active and sometimes loud son or our active golden retriever. They both love "mousing" at home and still all my son's small stuffed animals and their toys as if they had "hunted" them and bring them to some weird place. I usually have 4 stuffed animals in my bathroom or in the tub! The times when they like to show just how different they are. Milo is like the male lion and always eats first while Mira waits for him to finish and she eats, just like in the wild. Do I sound like a proud "mom?" I am! I love these two "new" members of our family, who we have had since April, and are looking forward to many more years with our lovable, wonderful Siberians. Thanks again! Best, Tracy P.S. I forgot to mention how BEAUTIFUL they have become. They are growing every day and have the perfect patterns and colors that we wanted. Quotes

Quotes Their personalities are as different as any brother and sister would be. Milo is "my buddy" and he always needs to be with me. He is very active and curious, always exploring and getting into "trouble." He is my special friend and thinks I'm "his" and if his sister wants to sit with me, he give her this nasty look and walks away! Not that it means any fighting between them--he just thinks no one should be with me except for him. He only cries when it's the morning and he is looking for breakfast. Mira is "my pretty" and she only cries when she greets, basically saying, "Hi! Please cuddle with me." She is everyone's snuggle buddy and shows no favorites. She is very tolerant of my two-year-old son and will let him hold her for gentle pats. She has even started coming over for pats from him. She is such a sweet girl, but don't get me wrong. She tends to instigate the "late evening crazy run around the house / catch me if you can / wrestle and chase sessions" with Milo! Quotes

Quotes Hi, Kate. I wanted to post an update on Milo and Mira on how happy we all are (cats and people included!) and for anyone considering a Siberian who looks at your site they could get a hugely positive endorsement! I last wrote in June, so I thought I'd send another note for you (and all the world) to see. If anyone is considering a Siberian, I hope my experience will help them make the decision that YES--this is a wonderful breed of cat. ForestWind Milo and Mira (born 01/04/08) are amazing. We could not have found a better fit for our family. They are everything we were looking for--sociable, friendly, sweet, playful, large, with soft and cuddly fur, great with our dog and son; I could go on and on. Their personalities are as different as any brother and sister would be. Milo is "my buddy Quotes

Quotes In 1988 we adopted our 1st persian cat. From then until about six weeks ago, we have been a family of Persians & Himalayans. This past summer, we lost one of our little ones, and thought that it might be nice for our daughter to have a kitty in the house that was a bigger, stronger, and more active than our last few had been. So--our search began and we found Kate and Carolyn and their very sweet siberians. We were very, very fortunate to have adopted two of their beautiful, wonderful retired adults. The female is a bit shy. But the two of them are soulmates--and watching them play and interact with each other is like watching a ballet. With his help and encouragement, she is overcoming her shyness. Their friendship is so pure & genuine. They are bonding to my daughter. She loves them so much! Our male loves to play tricks on her. They are a wonder to watch. They have brought a whole new level of joy and fun to our family! I would adopt another one in a minute. Quotes

Quotes I have never before owned a cat, but was fascinated with them. I wanted a cat that was extremely affectionate, loving, mush-baby, dog-like, Mr. Meet and Greet. I could go on and on, but nothing could have prepared me for what I found in the Siberian! My sweetheart far exceeded anything I could have dreamed of. He is the most loving, affectionate, charming, sweet cat there could ever be! After reading up on the Breed, they were described as dog-like, affectionate, personable, social, extremely loving and loyal. My Kharlan absolutely adores being groomed and having his nails cut and filed! He "leads" me to the activity that he wants to do. We play fetch. We take turns playing Russian Roulette (it's a cat game). He loves to play "hide and seek". And the way this breed "speaks" is unbelievable! They have "chirps", "trills", and the softest voice when "talking", but the loudest "Purr" when happy and content. It is an honor to share my life with this truly wonderful breed. Quotes
Sue Ellen Schaffel
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