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Quotes Kate, We wanted to update you about Jorrah Junii who "retired" home to us and seems to have always lived here. She has now been home for six days and we have fallen head over heels in love with her. She is the sweetest little kitty I have ever met. She loves to cuddle and play and she purrs with delight when being stroked. She loves to sit in her climber and look at the trees and birds in the backyard and then when nighttime comes she jumps on my bed and makes herself at home. She is very good with my six year old and loves to play with the cat dancer and other toys. She has transitioned beautifully into our home and family and we can't thank you enough for taking such great care of her for the first three years of her life. She will always be a treasured member of our family. Thank you! Leslie and Ali Quotes
August 10, 2010

Quotes Dear Kate, I wanted to let you know personally how much it meant to me and to Ali to meet you and spend so much time with you and the cats and kitties. We had such an amazing time and we absolutely fell head over heels in love with Junii. My whole family has now seen pics of her (of course we went right to the photo place to have them developed!) and they all think she looks so sweet and gorgeous. Ali went on and on to my mum about you and the kitties. For the first time since our dog died I feel that special feeling you get when you connect with an animal. Take care and speak soon. Leslie Quotes
Ontario, August 1, 2010

Quotes We are in love! Viktor is everything we had hoped for and more. He was immediately comfortable with us. Everyone loves him and brings him presents. He already has more toys then he knows what to do with, and favorites are crinkle balls and dabird. I have a hard time leaving my house and being away from him for too long. At his appointment the vet said they have rarely seen a kitten in such good health! We are so thankful to you, thank you :) Alison K Quotes
MA, July 31, 2010

Quotes Hi Kate, Just wanted to let you know that Sonny is just the most fantastic kitten! He is such a doll and just absolutely adores Danielle (our 9 yr old who selected him). It is the funniest thing when she gets up in the morning, he sprints up to see her and if she doesn?t pick him up, he jumps on her back! Sometimes, she will be standing and telling me something and I will see a kitten land on her back. He is just adorable and she loves him so much. She carries him around constantly so it is a mutual love affair. (Rich and I are also crazy about him but we get our time with him when she is at camp.) Anyway, we will send an Xmas card so you will see him then. He is already super large! My best, Lisa Quotes

Quotes Hi Kate and Carolyn! I wanted to let you know that Anastasia (Rada) is doing great and has been adjusting wonderfully to our household, and with our other cat. We totally ADORE her and I had to tell you what a fantastic job you both did of raising her before she got here---I've never seen such a well-adjusted, sweet little baby in my whole life. Joy =^..^= Quotes

Quotes We can't say enough good about adopting two kittens! We adopted two male kittens (brothers from the same litter), earlier this year. From the moment we brought them home, we could see how happy they were together. Through the transition period, they would sleep together, play together and seemed to provide a true sense of comfort to each other. Now fully transitioned and confident, they romp, wrestle and cuddle with one another. The benefits of having two kittens are very evident. We can't imagine our lives without our boys!! We're just so happy with them. You're so right about bringing a lapful of love into our lives... Thanks again for all of your help. -Jason & Michael Quotes
Chicago, IL, January 2010

Quotes She follows me around like a little puppy. Every time I come home, she hears my car, and much before my husband can tell that it is me, she already knows it and tumbles down from the second floor's bedroom to greet me. She "talks" to me for a good 15 minutes and tries to climb on me until I take her to my arms for a "proper greeting." It almost looks like she is telling me what she did all day. She is very gentle, affectionate and playful. She loves to play fetch-we never thought that a cat can do that-she chooses one toy from a basket full of her toys, brings it to our feet and waits for one of us to throw it to another room, so she can chase it and bring it back again. She likes to watch television with us, or should I say, on the top of me, and if I am not available, she settles for my husband's lap, as long as he gives her a belly rub. My husband grew up with cats, but he says there has never been a cat like her - so wonderful! Quotes

Quotes thanks kate so much meeka is very good she weighs 6lbs now she gets in to everything i love her to death she plays with everything now she gets in to my bath tub and sits in it its so funny thanks again Quotes

Quotes Many thanks to ForestWind for trusting us with this beautiful boy. I highly recommend Kate & Carolyn's healthy, well trained, happy, and delightfully loving kittens! Gorel is bomb proof. He came to us three months ago, confident, outgoing and affectionate. Gorel is joyous, clownish, and playful; a water baby who tries to catch running water. He begs to come in the shower. He is intelligent, inquisitive, insistent, and rambunctious. Fastidious and attentive, he is placid in repose. The most wonderful surprise is that Gorel has brought an eighty year old man back to present time. Gorel's wild play times and gentle nap times enchant this gentleman. You will hear Gorel chirping and Sam talking to him as he sits on the floor grooming his Siberian cat. As a companion animal to older folks, a Siberian can help with many of the issues of aging. Our Gorel has brought us much joy and love! Thank you! Quotes

Quotes Gaya is the most amazing animal we have ever had. She has become part of our family and is the most loving and playful cat we have ever known. Her disposition is kind and her patience and tolerance of my 6 year daughter is incredible. Gayle, my wife has had no reaction to her at all. She sleeps on or in our bed at night. One of the most amazing things about her is that she want to be in the same room as us and when she has fallen asleep and we have moved to another part of the house, one can hear a mournful cry from her asking us where she is. She was spayed in October and recovered well, the vet we have is fascinated by her and has never seeing such a cat before. She lies on her back in Gayle's arms while he is looking at her and giving her her shot. Maya wants a cuddle every night and morning and really enjoys being picked up and stoked. She will sit on her hind legs and wave her front legs at Gayle for Gayle to pick her up. She is quite AMAZING and we love her! Quotes
Robin Mitchell
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