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Love Letters from our Kitten Families 

Quotes Kate from ForestWind is one of the most dedicated breeders I have ever worked with. She even helped recommend me to another breeder based on my timeline and the cat I was looking for. She was a pleasure to work with. David Cruthis 15 February 2019 Quotes
The most dedicated breeder

Quotes Gorgeous cats and a dedicated breeder with lots of love. Nancy Briggitta KVD 13 March 2019, The Netherlands Quotes
Dedicated Breeder with Lots of Love

Quotes Very good breed, I'm recommending to a friend. Lourdes A 29 April 2019, Quotes
Recommending to a Friend

Quotes The cats are beautiful and I?m not allergic. Shelley M. 2 May 2019 , Brisbane, Australia Quotes
I am Not Allergic

Quotes My Siberian came from Forest Winds nine years ago. I never loved cats (I bought him for my son) but am now so crazy in love with this wonderful cat who greets me at the door when I come home and comes when I call Mark and Elissa C, 7 May 2019, New Jersey Quotes
So Crazy in Love With This Wonderful Cat

Quotes Words cannot express our gratitude to Kate and Carolyn. We just adopted our fist Siberian from them. He?s amazing. His gentleness, responsiveness to affection, litter training, fearlessness, and beauty is a direct result of their care and dedication. Throughout the process, Kate was stellar. She walked us through every single detail and was so knowledgeable. I have cat allergies and she helped me prepare our house to decrease my allergy reactions. She helped me get Anatoli?s transition room ready and figure out his raw food diet. I?m amazed by their attention to detail and adoration for the breed. We WILL get another Siberian from Forest Wind. The experience has been amazing. Oh, and the photos they take of their cats are beautiful. Yet, they still don?t do the cats justice. They are STUNNING in-person! I mean, drop your jaw remarkable! - Hope H, Ohio Quotes
Words cannot express our gratitude to Kate and Carolyn.

Quotes Our brand new baby from Forestwind came to us as a therapy cat for my husband who is fighting cancer. Prince, our kitten, has already curled up with him in his times of pain and lays right where his pain resonates. In a million years, I never would have thought that these cats were so instinctively drawn to someone needing heat and "therapy". I would recommend them for anyone as a therapy cat. Quotes
Siberians make great therapy pets!

Quotes The ride went great! He was so calm and quiet and slept most of the time. We're calling him Leroy now which is French for "the king" :) When we got home and I opened the carrier he ran under my bed and hid there for about five minutes until he came out to eat some raw food and play! He's so social and friendly and even jumped into my bed and slept next to me last night. He's the perfect kitten, thanks so much for letting me have him in my family! Quotes
He's the perfect kitten!

Quotes Hi Kate!! Hope things are well with you and you're enjoying the last few weeks of summer! I just wanted to keep you updated on Kaia and her appts with the vet. She had her last vaccinations today, and also got her microchipping done (which was not so fun for either of us!!). When she started to cry and squirm I started to well up with tears because she sounded so scared and in pain! Other than that, things are still going so amazingly well. She is, by far, the best baby I've ever had! No offense to my other fur babies, but she has just exceeded all my hopes & expectations!!! Thanks so much! Quotes
"The best baby I've ever had!"

Quotes "Another post on how wonderful ForestWind Siberian Cats are with kids. Here's Bugatti, formerly "Davin", with his best bud, John." Check out to darling duo on our Blog: Thank you Amy!! Quotes
Wonderful ForestWind Siberian Cats
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