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Love Letters from our Kitten Families 

Quotes Hi Kate, Just writing to let you know that Tam is doing fantastic and that we love him to bits. He keeps us laughing with antics and is the best of friends with our dog. They play together so well..but Tam is definitely the boss lol! My husband has never really been a cat person but is crazy for Tam and the feeling mutual. I can't believe how snuggly he is with us, he is curled up beside me as I write. I am also writing because my sister lost her cat last month after a two year illness. She loves our new guy and is hoping there will be one available in the near future. Hope the summer is going well for you and a million thanks for our sweetie Tam! Allison Quotes
Crazy For Tam

Quotes Hello Kate, How are you? I am sending to you a picture of Prince Favst that is so beautiful so you can put on your webpage since he is a superstar! I hope you are doing well! Favst is amazing! He's the perfect kitty and we love him so much! He is "peace and Love" and my husband tells that he is so sweet and lovable that he calls him Gandhi. He couldn't be more precious!! Thank you for my baby! He's very big now, he is 10lbs and is our love. Best Wishes! Yolanda Tam├ęs Soto Quotes
Favst is amazing! He's the perfect kitty!!

Quotes Viviene is so very affectionate, it's unreal how sweet she is! She's asleep on my lap now. We're watching The Kardashians together! :) She is unbelievable!!! She was meant for me!!! I'm in love!!!! Blessings, Lisa Quotes
Meant for Me!

Quotes Isosceles (kitten) climbed up in Cassidy's bed last night and continues to follow him around today. Isosceles using his litter and behaving as if he's always been here! I came home from work and found Eric, Cassidy and Isosceles on the couch hanging out together. So cute!!! Sending you a video to show how ridiculously at home Isosceles is on Cassidy's lap while everyone sings at Cassidy's birthday party on night # 1. Isosceles then curled up and fell asleep right there in the middle of all the festivities! Quotes
Cassidy's 13th Birthday Present - the Best Ever!

Quotes Halina's doing so well, and she's such a little character. She blends in so well with our family. We can't imagine our lives without her! Quotes
We Can't Imagine Our Lives Without Her!

Quotes Hi Kate, Just letting you know that we are still madly in love with our Toby. He is huge now! I will post some new photos soon of his stunning coat. His fur is the softest texture, and his tail is such a plume that I often call him "Mr Fluffy-tail". He is quite the jumper, and leaps from one high counter to the other when I turn my back. He loves our 2 little girls and has never bit or scratched them. He has a very quiet voice, but a huge purr. We are so glad to have him as part of our family. - Laurie Shin Quotes

Quotes Hi Kate! First of all, I just want to say what a love Hasek is! He is mewing non-stop if we are not with him, but that is understandable. When we are in his transition space with him, he just snuggles right up and purrs and purrs. Thanks! Tiffany Quotes
What a Love Hasek is!

Quotes Dear Kate, Kiki is a joy to have in the family. She is affectionate, fearless, and loves to play (ALL DAY)! So far she has taken the transition very well. She loves to sit in our laps and force us to pet her. Thank you so much for our precious kitty, KiKi. Thank You, Sophia Quotes
Affectionate, fearless, and loves to play (ALL DAY)!

Quotes Just wanted to let you know that we are so in love with her! She is so sweet and beautiful. She's so good about using the litter box and she's so gentle. I love her little voice when she meows. We couldn't be happier with her. I really didn't expect to love her so much. Thank you for our precious lil angel. I think my boyfriend already wrote on your Facebook wall about our love for her. And, he wants to get her a companion kitty. We'd like it to be one of her relatives. What are you thoughts? Sara Quotes
Our Precious Lil Angel

Quotes He is perfect, already one of the gang and melting hearts with super cuteness. I posted a few pix on your website of him making himself at home. Thanks for checking in :) Rosario Quotes
Melting Hearts with Super Cuteness
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