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Quotes Fabian is gentle, playful, and loving. He's a huge hit with kids for his floppiness. Every time someone picks him up, he flops lovingly in their arms. Cutest thing ever. He tries to participate in hunting for insects, but Erika growls at him all the time so he just falls back until she gives him the okay to bat the insect around when it's just about dead. She's a very bossy top kitty :) Quotes
Update on "the kids"

Quotes Hi Kate, The kittens are such a joy! They are so relaxed and friendly and sweet. On Saturday we had friends over for a visit to meet our ForestWind kitties. Their son Evan has severe cat allergies and asthma. They spent about two hours playing with the cats, and Evan had no reaction at all! In the past with the typical cat Evan might be fine at the time, but have severe breathing problems the next day. With our Siberians Evan was fine while playing with them AND still totally fine on Sunday! Hope you had an enjoyable Easter weekend. Warm wishes, Jodie Quotes
Severely allergic & asthmatic - NO reaction to Siberians!

Quotes She also has a great time playing pranks on us, stealing the bath mat out from under the bathroom door, and stealing Bill's dirty socks as soon as they hit the floor. She grabs them and runs away like they are the greatest treasure, and deposits them under the dining room table. We really get a kick out of her! She has transferred her "headquarters" from my home office, which was her transition room, to my daughter's room, which is now her comfort room of choice. She also likes to sit on top of any homework when it is being done. And I see why your vet was so impressed by her coat. Willow is very, very sleek! Thanks again for our wonderful new family member. It is so nice to have four of us again, all the best from you # 1 Siberian Fans Quotes
We really get a kick out of her!

Quotes It's going beautifully, Willow has settled right in. She let me pet her and rolled over to expose her belly and purred today. She and Katie play for hours, and Willow fetches a little ball with a string when Katie throws it. She actually brings it back in her mouth, though she doesn't actually give it back to Katie, she takes her prize into a corner and Katie has to play with her to get it back, to throw it again. They have been doing that for hours at a time. Quotes
It's going beautifully

Quotes Just wanted to let you know how your baby is doing. She is totally enjoying herself. She's completely relaxed. She adores Kelly, and the two of them sleep together every night. At bedtime they "talk" to each other. When we go to say goodnight to Kelly, there she is right in the middle of the action. Kelly had a sleepover of five girlfriends last weekend, and at one point they were all in her room sitting on the bed and talking. Guess who was right in the middle being adored by 6 girls and soaking up all the affection, not nervous in the least?! She has been voted "best cat" by Kelly's friends. Quotes
She has been voted "best cat"!

Quotes I am a new breeder and looking for a breeder who will help me with my Siberians. I've done so much research and your cattery is on top of my list! I absolutely adore how you handle your cattery. I have seen how you have worked to keep the Siberian genetic pool diverse and healthy. Thank you for all the information you share on your website. it has helped me so much already! Quotes
Breeder Fan

Quotes We are enjoying Davyd. You couldn't ask for a better cat. He is really good with the girls, and they are having fun playing with the cat toys with him. He is fitting into the family so well that we have trouble remembering life without him. I am surprised how little he sheds. His vet check was fine. He is eating really well- a mix of Orijin, Wellness, and Taste of the Wild. His coat is beautiful, and we are very pleased. Thank you again! Quotes
You couldn't ask for a better cat.

Quotes Our kitten woke me up at 4 am this morning playing and playing, he played until he got sleepy and he got right next to my face started purring and then went to sleep . He always wants to be hugged and he doesn't like for me to put him down, if I do, he makes me to pick him up again. He loves my eyelashes because I wear my mascara. So when he first met me he kept staring at my eyes, and I kept wondering why he stared at me so much until I found out that it was because of my lashes. he likes to play with them but he's softly patts them and then he tries to play with them. He is not bashful at all. Except yesterday I came into the room with a towel on my head and he went under the bed because he didn't recognize me! This was 1 of the few times he has gone under the bed. He is extremely playful and lovable and we are crazy in love with him. He wants to be a always carried no matter where I go , the closet or the bathroom. Thank you so much for this kitten! Quotes
Yolanda, San Diego, California

Quotes Hi Kate, Thought we'd send a few pictures along. Edward and Favsta are doing just great. Went to the vet this weekend for booster shots, and they're both growing and doing well! Both are very lovable and affectionate. Favsta has been comfortable just curling up on your lap from the very start. Edward is very affectionate and follows us everywhere... and starting to be more interested in being held or sitting on laps. They've done pretty well getting claws trimmed and getting a bath. No complaints! Both of our sons came home to meet them the week after we got back, and both Eddie and Favsta are very friendly and interested in all visitors. They love to play with each other, and really stick together. What energy they have :-) They've been having fun chasing toy mice, wadded up paper balls (especially in and around baskets) and each other. Quotes
Bob & Jackie, Lake Villa, IL

Quotes Hello Kate, Just thought we would write and let you know again just how happy we are with Mia. We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures that we have sent of her and we promise to continue to send them as often as we can! She is the apple of our eyes...and funny enough my husband love Mia more than me sometimes ;-) It has been a real eye opener for Tom since he has never had a pet in his life until Mia, especially with his allergy, but now he cannot imagine his world without her. The other day I had to make a little fun of him because he had more pictures of Mia in his phone than I fact he has more pictures of her than me;-) We are also writing to let you know we'd love to adopt again, in fact it was Tom's idea first and if you have learned anything about me I would not turn down another kitty. So look forward to hear from you. Quotes
Love Forestwind Fans, Tom and Laura
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