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Love Letters from our Kitten Families 

Quotes The babies are doing great! They play a lot with each other, chasing each other around and around the bedroom. They are amazing. I so love them. When they play with the teasers Dasha is too funny. She gets a hold of it and she gets all low and throaty and makes these low sounds and then tries to drag her ?prey? to her lair. She is a little devil when they eat. She starts by joining him, so she eats from his plate. Then, when all the choice morsels have disappeared - she still has her own plate FULL of food. Oh she is the clever one!! Pushkin isn?t as brave exploring as his sister, but just loves to be held and snuggled ? he just throws himself at us. They are doing awesome, thought you?d like to hear. Quotes
They are amazing. I so love them.

Quotes Hello Kate, thank you so much for Ellie. She is such a doll. I am watching her bat around a clothes pin throughout the house. She is the best kitten ever. She has full run of the house and she and Teddy get along so great. You would never believe how she has had a great effect on Teddy. If you have anyone in this area who wants to see two well behaved Siberians we would be more than willing to help out by hosting a visit. The cats have brought so much joy, it is hard to image them not being here. We are so grateful that you picked these two for us. We love them. I hear so much about cats getting on counters or biting etc. We use the time out idea that you talked about and there is no negative behavior. Teddy is gentle and Ellie does what Teddy does. She loves him so much. When she sees Teddy she purrs like crazy. She follows him everywhere. So thanks again- Your dedication to these cats is appreciated by us! Quotes
Our Siberians Have Brought So Much Joy

Quotes We are LOVING our two Siberian kittens, Ranger and Teddy. They came to us with such sweet, loving, fun, excellent personalities- you and Teddy's foster family have done a spectacular job of showing them only love and caring. They show no fear when they meet new people. Even though from two litters, the boys bonded quickly, and love to play, cuddle, and generally hang out together all day. They are smart and hysterically funny. My husband was NOT a cat lover, but is now a confirmed fan. My son won't put Ranger down, even though Ranger is so big, he seems almost as large as my 6 year-old! Teddy is the cutest fuzzball, and everyone who sees him thinks his blue coloring is incredibly unusual and striking. He's tiny compared to Ranger, but an amazing snugglebug. They both have huge hearts and sweet souls. Thank you again! Quotes
They Have Huge Hearts & Sweet Souls

Quotes Thank you so much for letting us have Victoria! Right from the beginning her transition is going well. She eats, drinks, plays, stands at my feet looking up and meowing until I pick her up to cuddle. Despite her standing at the door waiting for me to open it so she can explore, we know all 10 points MUST be met. So even though she cries for us when we leave her room, we persevere and are ?not rushing? the transition period. I?m VERY impressed with our oldest son, Matthew?s, love and dedication! Matthew (and I am totally being honest!) gets up EVERY single morning at 6:30am (because I told him that 6:00am was too early!!), to sit with Victoria, talk with her, sing to her, read to her & play with her. Without even being asked, Matthew even has scooped up her poops AND disposed of them ALL BY HIMSELF!!!! Our Victoria has had such a positive influence in only a matter of days! Quotes
She's Changed Our Life In Only A Few Days!

Quotes **Exterminator: ** He is the official exterminator. - goes around house looking for any ant or flying bug. In fact, he answers to his name, stopping every so often to lick or not appear anxious, but call out "tyke, bug in house" and you hear him jumping down stairs and break neck speed around corners to respond. Loves fly catching. Seen him spend hours stalking them. **Bedwarmer:** When the teenagers go up to bed Tike is standing right in middle of stairwell to be picked up and taken with . They take turns with him, first one to go up gets him. If he is ever not let in, he starts a racket by their door. ** Daddy's Best Buddy: ** Even grown up, he STILL loves to lick my nose and face when I lay down. Quotes
Tike's Official Jobs, Part II

Quotes **Acrobat: ** Tike has taken to our new house ( 3,800 sq feet with 6 bedrooms ) like he owns it. Only problem being when he gets excited he just jumps off top floor through stairwell slats down 12'. **Houdini:** I would love to know how Tike opens the bedroom doors when completely closed. **Greeter:** Tike is our official door greeter. He hears a car pull in and waits at door side window. If he sees the two young step granddaughters he vanishes in a blink and is done till they leave. They keep trying to pick him up. - he only lets the two 14 year kids to do that. **Food Taster:** Poor Myria, Tike loves to eat her dog food by sitting between her front legs. She tried growling at first but Tike just turned his head around and gave this completely " you have to be kidding look," so she has given up. Now she eats laying down. When walking by Myria, he likes to stand up on hind legs and rub her nose with his head. Quotes
Tike's Official Jobs, Part I

Quotes I am in the process of adopting a Siberian from another breeder, but wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the amount of detail and useful information on your web page. It has helped me prepare for the arrival of our new little one. I just wanted you to know that you are providing a great resource for all current and future Siberian owning families. If we end up adding another Siberian to our family in the future I will be sure to check out your availability. Thanks! Patty Shea Quotes
Your Website is a Great Resource!!

Quotes Doing well here. Our girl is in good health and wowed the vet with her size and the way she would allow him to handle her. She is the most endearing kitten we've ever had. She's everyone's sweetheart and growing up fast. Quotes
"Wowed the Vet with her size"

Quotes He's doing really well! Really happy and playful and loves to cuddle. He's eating lots and has been perfect about using his litter box. All in all a perfect kitten! We couldn't be happier. You can really tell he came from a loving and positive home :) Alex and Kelley Quotes
"All in all a perfect kitten!"

Quotes Obram went to the vet yesterday and is, quote, "Perfect!" He wasn't interested in the treat the vet tried to give him, like you had said they weren't :) He's doing great at home, out of transition, holy terror in the mornings when I wake up for work, the minute I get up he starts running/pracing around the house (because he owns the place now), during the afternoon he apparently entertains himself by climbing all over Doug if he tries to sit down, and in the evening he's running around till I go to sleep, then he settles down and sleeps a bit. He loves his 'Da Bird' we've already had to replace the feather part once, and he has a paper bag on the kitchen floor that he plays with while I'm cooking, and he really enjoys attacking the drawstrings on my linen pants. His other favorite hobby is watching me knit, though he can't decide if it's more fun to try to chew on the circular needles or kill the pattern I'm reading from, I try to only knit around him when he's napping. Quotes
Vet says "Obram is Perfect!"
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