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Quotes Hi Kate and Caroline! I just wanted to let you know that Malakhei is doing great and tries to escape his transition room whenever he can! He never cried for his litter mates or momma. I can't believe what a happy snuggler he is. He is so content with anything and everything. We laugh because he could just care less about Mikah, but Mikah is sooo concerned about him! He loves all of Mikah's 'reject' toys. His favorite so far is a fuzzy wand toy, he will just play with it until he is panting and has to relax and lounge on the top seat of his climber. I attached a picture of him kneading away in his little bed. He is absolutely adorable. Thank you for being so helpful! Jessica Quotes
Jessica and Malakhei

Quotes Hi Kate, our Siberians are good. Meeka is the smartest cat we ever have had. She gets into cupboards and tries to find food. We are going to have to put child safety locks on the cupboards because she won't stay out. We think she bit through the line that goes to the freezer to make ice because she likes water. She gets into the high cupboard and grabs her treats out and throws them on the floor. She chews the bag open to get at them. None of the other Siberians do that except her. She is so funny - she's always in trouble. She's "Denise the Menace." Write back asap thanks, Crystal Quotes
Crystal and Meeka

Quotes Obram?s already eating like a champ and I saw him drinking a few times, was worried he wouldn't want to drink out of his water bowl, without that great fountain (am ordering one). He doesn?t like us to leave the transition room. If we are together with him and even one of us leaves Obram gets a bit fussy...but he quickly settles down. Introduced Doug and Obram this morning, they're pretty much thrilled with each other. Doug keeps talking about how awesome he is & how amazing his markings are & how fantastic he is & within an hour of their first play session, Doug was talking about getting another: "Wouldn't it be great if we could get another Siberian?" (Haha, yes it would be great!!) We're so thrilled with him. It was great to have some time to talk to you and Carolyn yesterday. I enjoyed lingering, you were both so pleasant and welcoming, I really appreciated it after my drive up. It was so worth the trip!! We'll stay in touch and we'll send some pictures soon! Best, Rachel Quotes
We're so thrilled with him

Quotes Kate, you give kitties so much love before adoption that they don't know other feelings but love. Before my baby Fluffy i didn't know such cats exist! Arina Quotes
Family from Russia adopted from us <3

Quotes Dear Suzanne, We were so excited to hear that you have pics of our sweet boy!!! You did an amazing job raising our baby. He came to us well rounded, loving and transitioned into our lives perfectly. He truly is the apple of mine and my husband?s lives. I think he much resembles his mom ForestWind Annie. He has taken many of her beautiful traits like her coloring, eyes, and her luxurious bushy tail. I cant thank you enough for the pics. It might sound a little crazy, but the moment I saw the baby kitten photos I started to cry. Iouri means the world to my husband and I and to see him so small just brings out a ton of emotions. I love the pics!!! I can?t thank you enough. This made my day!!! Quotes
Iouri Means the World to Us

Quotes Hi Kate, You couldn't be more right on your post about feline behavior and needing to be "up." I don't have a problem with the kitties on counter tops unless a pipe is running. However, families with multiple cats really should consider investing in more than one cat tree. I watched mine wrestle for the top seat just this morning. When Fabian gets tired of fighting, he just lies on top of Erika. Erika is a big girl though and takes advantage of her size so she plops down wherever she pleases in confidence. Poor Fabian has to pick his battles. Quotes

Quotes As far as training goes, they are both leash training. Fabian doesn't play fetch yet. I haven't found that one toy he cares enough to run after and bring back. He's a bit tricky to clicker train because he doesn't really care for treats. Kinda hard to reward him after he does something and he does so many cool leaps and Sultan poses on his own. Sassy pants loves treats and is currently trying to trick-train me into giving her treats every time I open the fridge and she sits there with the what about me mewl. It works sometimes, but that's our little secret. There is never a dull day in our household thanks to our Siberians. Can't wait to get my hands on the May issue of Cat Fancy Magazine so I can see Fabian and Erika's half sibling! -Vida Quotes
part iii Best Buds

Quotes When we're home, beverages aren't safe when Fabian is around, and food isn't safe when Erika is around. Fabian loves protein shakes, water with ice cubes, and chocolate milk. He slowly sneaks off with the cup under my bed if you don't pay attention. I've been left quite thirsty a few times. He likes carbonated drinks too but only to pat at the bubbles. He would also knock the drink over if it has ice in it, and play soccer with the ice. We have learned to be fast drinkers in the past month. No more resting down drinks for a break or to go do something. Erika doesn't care if you're paying attention or not. If she sees an opportunity to swipe some veggies, chicken or bones off your plate, she's taking it. She's very swift for her build. She takes off like a cheetah. Quotes
(continued) Best Buds Forever x Two

Quotes The kitties are doing awesome. Sassy pants Erika is a solid 7 lbs, and snuggle bug Fabian is almost 6 lbs. The fur on his back is changing right now. They have grown so much since I brought them home. My babies aren't baby sizes anymore - they are so big nobody believes they are kittens Erika and Fabian are best buds forever times two. They get into all sorts of trouble together, and Fabian is the ring leader. He initiates and Erika joins in without hesitation. Every time I came home, I found my faux tree lying in the middle of the living room. They used to climb it when they were on the feather-weight side, but at this combined kitty weight it's knocked over for hide and seek in the fake foliage. Needless to say, they now spend their day in the safe room when I'm at work! (continued) Quotes
Best Buds Forever X Two!

Quotes Writing to let you know that Teddy continues to adjust so well! It is amazing how having him transition with the transition room and most importantly the tall climbing post he is a different cat. He escaped transition twice, but after a few minutes we got him back in. He really enjoys having the windows open. I was not a firm believer in the transition room at first, but I am now. It makes a world of difference.The tall climbing post is so important, it relaxes him more than anything. The top goes up in each side so he feels secure it is high so he can relax. It is now in the living room in front of the window so he is all set. Your support and quick responses all along have been so very helpful and appreciated! Thanks, Sandy Quotes
Tall Climbers are Essential!!
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