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Love Letters from our Kitten Families 

Quotes Thank you so much! She is an absolute dream! Sooo playful, comes to me, purrs and cuddles then takes off! The boys are in love. She slept with Aidan until 6:00am! When we come to the transition room she comes bounding downstairs, up on my shoulders and purrs. She also licks me! Then she escapes and flies up and down the 2 flights of stairs! She seems so at home! Using litter box too and eating a little at a time. Getting other food today hopefully. Will post photos soon! Need high speed camera! Gratefully, Natalie Quotes
Natalie from New York, NY

Quotes I took the guys to the vet this morning for their first round of shots and a leukemia test (negative). The vet was so impressed with them and couldn't get over how calm and beautiful they were. She'd never seen a Siberian cat before. Adrian purred the whole time, and she commented on his unusually loud purr. Lilli was an angel and was purring towards the end too. We'll have them neutered and spayed at 6 months per their recommendation. Adrian is getting big at 6 1/4 pounds and Lilli remains petite at 4 1/4. They follow me around like little chickens. So cute. The vet said they look great. Just wanted to let you know. Quotes
Adrian & Lilli

Quotes Kate and Family Thank you so very much for everything. We so appreciate having had the chance to spend hours with you in your home! When we met you and your family, you were all, as we had hoped, the same loving family we saw from your web pictures. We now know your kittens are truly being born, and raised, and loved, in a family setting, which is so important to Bill and I. Quotes
Sherry & Bill

Quotes I don't know if alll Siberian cats are as incredible as Nikka but if they are, Siberians are the only breed for me! She slid into her place in our family very easily. There are people in my family who don't like cats and even they are taken by Nikka. She's the most beautiful cat anyone has ever seen, she's so friendly, she lets the dogs who visit our house that she is the queen of the castle, she's cuddly, she's verbally expressive, she loves to play fetch, she loves to play with our grandchildren with her toys, and my husband who never ever wanted a pet actually enjoys her and I believe he even loves her! Nikka is the best pet I've ever had and she has brought a lot of joy into our house. Thank you so much for raising such a wonderful kitten and the bonus is I'm not allergic to her!. Quotes

Quotes Thank you so much - I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are to finally be able to have a cat in the house. It's really a dream come true for me! Even my husband (who is not usually a cat person) has taken to him and it's so cute to see him holding Erik and talking to him - he calls him Kitty Cat. LOL! To see my husband and son not only ride in a car for 5 hours with a cat - but petting and holding the cat for most of the time is incredible. I never dreamed that there would be a kitten that wouldn't instantly set them sneezing. Yet, between the allergy test and the drive home, they were in a car for almost 7 hours with Erik and had absolutely NO REACTION!!! Incredible. Erik is so loving and happy and is worth absolutely every penny. Quotes
Allergy Family

Quotes We drove home with Marley sleeping in our arms, When we arrived Marley made it clear that he would much rather be out with us, but in he went to his transition room. We spent some time cuddling him in there (he seemed to have no reservations about his new home at all and instantly wanted to eat, drink, use his litter box and even wanted to play with us!) About 10pm we went to bed and he was still mewing in there. I'm not sure how long that went on, but as I just got up with one of the babies I popped my head in to say Hi to Marley and he was happily sleeping in his crate. He came out and said Hi and got another cuddle. I shut the door and came in the computer room and he just stopped mewing (in the time it took me to write this letter - so that's a good sign!). Quotes
New York Family

Quotes Today I walked in the family room to find Wills stretched out, tummy up, across Isabel. He was doing his magic - making her feel warm and loved. She, in turn, was in all her glory. We really had hoped that a cat could bring this to our girl. We didn't care about the specifics (ie. appearance) and only hoped for a female. And in the end, look at how fortunate we were to have you give us this boy! He's been all we could have hoped for and so much more. He's brought love and endless laughter to all of us. After getting married and having the girls, adopting Wills is the best thing we ever did! Quotes
Ontario Friends

Quotes Hi Kate, here is the "State of Ivan Address." He spends his nights sleeping on my bed, and when half asleep when I roll over to pet him, he starts to purr. He is currently in love with my blue chair and naps on it all the time. When he wakes me up he is always very gentle, purring and rubbing until I wake. And when I come in the door, if he not there waiting to greet me, I only have to call for him and he comes. I am so happy with him. He makes my life such a joy. Quotes
Ivan in Albany

Quotes Hi Kate! Hope this finds you doing well! Things have been wonderful!! We couldn't imagine life without her! I have included a picture of Ilaria with my daughter to post on your website. What can I say except the kids adore her! Well, Kate, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our darling kitten. Look forward to hearing from you! Quotes
Amy - Ilaria's Mom

Quotes Hi Kate, Just wanted to give you a quick update to let you know everything's going well. He did very well on the drive home. The kids could not wait to meet him and it was love at first sight. They absolutely adore him and from the looks of it, the feeling is mutual... I had a tough time tearing them away to do their homework He's been in his transition room since we got home and already, he's taken a bite to eat, a bit of water (not much) and has tested out his bed a few times... his favorite spot though seems to be the carrier which I left in the room. He hasn't used the litter box yet. Kate, I can't even express in words how much joy we feel to have Carl join our family. He is just purfect!!! and we can't thank you enough. Quotes
Carl at home in Rochester, NY
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