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Love Letters from our Kitten Families 

Quotes Hi Kate, I am so in love with this kitten. Ilianniia is happy, loving, playful, cuddly and every other great adjective you can think of. She has settled in very nicely and is eating well. She is a real talker and let's us know early in the morning that she's ready to come out and have breakfast and some humans to talk to. She has quickly learned not to walk on the computer keyboard when I'm trying to use it. She has a nice soft bed on a shelf on my computer desk and she either sleeps on that or on my lap when I'm on the computer. I just feel so over-joyed having a cat after so many years of not being able to have one. Thank you so much! Quotes
Debi from Ontario

Quotes Noni is so self assured and confident and very loving. She seems very accepting of me, and I'm very happy with her. She is very intelligent and is training me well. She already lets me know when she wants to play, definitely when it is feeding time, and jumps up, purring, when she wants affection. All my dogs were bright and developed a fairly large vocabulary because I talked to them all the time. I'm sure a cat will do the same, especially one as smart as Noni. Right now she is fed and is sleeping on the lower level of her perch. She has totally ignored the bed I bought her and is choosing either level of the perch. It's in front of a window that looks out to the back yard and woods, so there is a fair amount of activity to keep her interested. Thank you for adopting her to me! Quotes
Donata from Western New York

Quotes Wills is the most fabulous kitten we have ever known. As my husband said, "Kate really spoiled us with this cat. He's wonderful!" Wills is dear to all of us and truly a part of the family. Wherever we are in the house, he wants to be with us. We never expected a kitten to be so fabulous with children, but he's incredibly gentle and patient with our daughters. They will make many beautiful memories growing up together. He's brought so much happiness and laughter into our home. We are so grateful to you for all of your help during this adoption process. We loved having the opportunity to meet you at our in-person allergy challenge. It is very reassuring to know that we can ask questions about anything and have them answered so promptly and completely both before and after we brought him home. Thank you for all you did to raise such a happy, healthy, and affectionate cat. With endless gratitude, Tina Quotes
Ontario, August 16, 2010

Quotes Hi Kate - Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we are having with Stasi (Sosanna). She is the best kitty ever! She loves my kids so much. Right from the start she is eating well, using her litter well, sleeping all night quietly in her transition room. She purrs like a motor when we scratch her head. This evening she was napping in my daughter's doll house. I got the cutest pictures! Thank you so much! Tracy Quotes
August 13, 2010

Quotes Kate, We wanted to update you about Jorrah Junii who "retired" home to us and seems to have always lived here. She has now been home for six days and we have fallen head over heels in love with her. She is the sweetest little kitty I have ever met. She loves to cuddle and play and she purrs with delight when being stroked. She loves to sit in her climber and look at the trees and birds in the backyard and then when nighttime comes she jumps on my bed and makes herself at home. She is very good with my six year old and loves to play with the cat dancer and other toys. She has transitioned beautifully into our home and family and we can't thank you enough for taking such great care of her for the first three years of her life. She will always be a treasured member of our family. Thank you! Leslie and Ali Quotes
August 10, 2010

Quotes Dear Kate, I wanted to let you know personally how much it meant to me and to Ali to meet you and spend so much time with you and the cats and kitties. We had such an amazing time and we absolutely fell head over heels in love with Junii. My whole family has now seen pics of her (of course we went right to the photo place to have them developed!) and they all think she looks so sweet and gorgeous. Ali went on and on to my mum about you and the kitties. For the first time since our dog died I feel that special feeling you get when you connect with an animal. Take care and speak soon. Leslie Quotes
Ontario, August 1, 2010

Quotes We are in love! Viktor is everything we had hoped for and more. He was immediately comfortable with us. Everyone loves him and brings him presents. He already has more toys then he knows what to do with, and favorites are crinkle balls and dabird. I have a hard time leaving my house and being away from him for too long. At his appointment the vet said they have rarely seen a kitten in such good health! We are so thankful to you, thank you :) Alison K Quotes
MA, July 31, 2010

Quotes Hi Kate, Just wanted to let you know that Sonny is just the most fantastic kitten! He is such a doll and just absolutely adores Danielle (our 9 yr old who selected him). It is the funniest thing when she gets up in the morning, he sprints up to see her and if she doesn?t pick him up, he jumps on her back! Sometimes, she will be standing and telling me something and I will see a kitten land on her back. He is just adorable and she loves him so much. She carries him around constantly so it is a mutual love affair. (Rich and I are also crazy about him but we get our time with him when she is at camp.) Anyway, we will send an Xmas card so you will see him then. He is already super large! My best, Lisa Quotes

Quotes Hi Kate and Carolyn! I wanted to let you know that Anastasia (Rada) is doing great and has been adjusting wonderfully to our household, and with our other cat. We totally ADORE her and I had to tell you what a fantastic job you both did of raising her before she got here---I've never seen such a well-adjusted, sweet little baby in my whole life. Joy =^..^= Quotes

Quotes We can't say enough good about adopting two kittens! We adopted two male kittens (brothers from the same litter), earlier this year. From the moment we brought them home, we could see how happy they were together. Through the transition period, they would sleep together, play together and seemed to provide a true sense of comfort to each other. Now fully transitioned and confident, they romp, wrestle and cuddle with one another. The benefits of having two kittens are very evident. We can't imagine our lives without our boys!! We're just so happy with them. You're so right about bringing a lapful of love into our lives... Thanks again for all of your help. -Jason & Michael Quotes
Chicago, IL, January 2010
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