Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 

FYI Allergic & Asthmatic Homes

Siberian cats are not "magic bullets." 
Siberian cats are a breed where most of the cats have inherited a genetic mutation that results in a lower production of the Fel d-1 allergenic protein that most cat allergic people are responding to. Siberian cats do not produce zero allergens, they produce LESS allergen. Your part in the purchase is to ensure that what Fel d 1 is produced doesn't hang around to make you reactive. You agree to keep your kitten out of the bedroom of any household member who is cat allergic or who has asthma. Please remember that Siberians produce normal levels of  Fel d 4 and Fel d 2 which a small portion of people are reactive to - instead of / or in addition to - being sensitive to Fel d-1. 

Allergy home kitten purchases with Forest Wind are not a "try it and see" situation.  
By choosing to purchase a kitten, you are making a commitment to modify your lifestyle (housekeeping / home decorating / air filtering), and to ensuring the care and feeding of your kitten involves lots of active playtime, environmental enrichment, quality nutrition, weekly baths, and a kitten bedroom. Without your partnership in these factors, your pet purchase may not be successful. 

There is a 25% chance that two low  Fel d 1 Siberian parents can give birth to a normal level Fel d 1 kitten. On the plus side, there is a 75% chance that each kitten in a litter from two low-allergen parents will also be low-allergen. You will not know whether your kitten inherited the low allergen Siberian gene when you bring it home. 

Currently there is no commercial test for the genetic mutations (there are several identified so far), that result in the lower production of   Fel d 1. There is only a laboratory test for the levels of  Allergenic proteins produced in  the Siberian's saliva, 

We do not Fel d 1 test our Siberians. Families needing an allergy tested kitten should expect to pay a minimum of  $3500 to $5500.  Because cats produce different amounts of Fel d 1 based on stress, age, time of year, sexual status we feel that testing today is not reliable enough to use in placement 

We place
 most of our Siberian kittens into cat allergic and / or asthmatic homes.  2020 is our 16th year in Siberian Cat breeding. During these years we have only needed to rehome three Siberian kittens who were placed into cat allergic or asthmatic homes.

We believe a large part of our success rate is careful screening and support of prospective Kitten homes. ForestWind Siberians is not focused on kitten sales, but rather on making successful kitten placements. By successful, we mean we want to ensure that - cat allergic family or not - there is a proper fit between our kitten and your home.

We want to be sure there is a comfortable fit between you as the buyer and us as the breeder. Making the decision to purchase your Siberian kitten from a breeder you are not "in synch with" results in not asking for help with questions or problems that arise. It means that you might make unnecessary expenditures at the Vet's when other advice fits the situation better, or that you are is forearmed with the knowledge you need to be comfortable in asking your Veterinarian for the proper testing and treatment of your beloved Siberian kitten or cat.

We support our Kitten Families with allergy friendly cleaning and care strategies and routines. These are put in-place prior to bringing your Siberian kitten home. These steps go from the early transition period; to proper nutrition for your Siberian (which impacts both allergy levels and temperament!); to keeping your Siberian emotionally and physically healthy (which reduces allergen production because unstressed cats produce fewer allergenic proteins); to cleaning strategies for the home to ensure the majority of allergens produced are removed; to our step by step support on allergy friendly bathing and grooming routines for your Siberian kitten.

We have allergy assessment strategies for pre-approval that may involve a fur sample challenge or an in-person* allergy challenge. These challenges help assess the level of reactivity the cat allergic or asthmatic that may be experienced.

* In person challenges are on hold during COVID-19. 

We ask allergy / asthma questions to provide us with information about the home / allergy - asthma situation that allows us to provide targeted, situation specific information on the chances of a successful purchase, as well as ensures your decision is an informed, effective one.

We do *not* approve every home. In situations where it is clear that a kitten purchase would not be successful for you, we explain why. In some cases, we are able to make alternative suggestions - such as buying a kitten from a Siberian cattery that Fel d 1 tests its kittens. Fel d 1 tested kittens average $3500 – to $5500+, dependent on Fel d 1 level and the length of breeder’s health warranty. In severe allergy / asthma situations this option is safest and best for you. 

We place each kitten intending the home is permanent (not “try it and see”). People who want to use a Siberian kitten purchase as either a magic bullet (no work necessary on their part), or as a "try it and see" situation - should realise that this is terribly unfair to the kitten. Assess yourself to consider if you are willing to put in the work to ensure a successful outcome. 

By supporting our Kitten Families with information, advice, and care strategies, we ensure that those families who bring home a ForestWind Siberian kitten are ready to enjoy many years of happiness and comfort with their sweet pet.

Our allergy and asthma questions are not to rule anyone out,  but rather are a chance for you to share information that helps us provide you with the most useful feedback about useful and pragmatic cat and home care strategies to make life comfortable when living with a Siberian kitten or cat :)