Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 

Kitten FAQs

Q: What does it Cost to purchase a Kitten from ForestWind Siberians?

A: ForestWind Siberians are priced comparably to other ethical cat breeders who provide humane and loving cat and kitten care, a genetic health warranty, and significant support. 

Q: Why am I finding such a wide variety of Siberian kitten prices nationally and worldwide? 
A: Kitten prices vary nationally and internationally depending on local costs for food, veterinary care, litter, and health testing practices. For example, Catteries in areas with lower veterinary care and food costs can charge less. And unfortunately due to COVID driven pet demand there has been an influx of kitten mill kittens from overseas. Entire litters are being shipped into the USA and Canada at 6 to 8 weeks old. These unfortunate kittens are then sold at only 8 to 10 weeks old - weeks before they should ever leave their mothers. ForestWind receives multiple requests a month for help from desperate pet parents who made the mistake of purchasing a kitten mill kitten who is often sick, poorly socialised, and exhibiting behaviour problems. 

Q: How Do I identify a Kitten Mill? 
A: Kitten mills often place kittens before they are 3 months old (kittens need to stay with Mom cat until 3 to 4 months old).  Mills will have kitten for $1,000 - $1,500. They have low breeding and care standards; feed nutritionally poor kibble instead of raw or canned feeding. Brands might be Friskies, Science Diet, Royal Canin, or Life's Abundance. They most often do not practice health testing. Kitten Mills frequently offer sales and specials to cat buyers. They become aggressive and belligerent if a potential buyer asks "too many" questions. Mills urge quick decision making, and may have "buy now" buttons on their websites. 

Q: Does ForestWind Siberians have kittens available immediately? 
A: ForestWind accepts a few reservations per season so we can focus on our Kitten Families (that could be you!), and our Siberians.  This means you might wait 4 to 9 months for your kitten.  If you are in a rush, check out the Links page. Be sure to conduct due diligence. The breeders listed are a resource for you, not breeder recommendations by us. Some breeders feature ForestWind Siberians on their websites implying that they are working with us.  Please check with us if you think a cattery is working with ForestWind Siberians. 

Q: Does ForestWind Siberians offer any discounts at all? 
A: Yes, we offer a $100 "Buddy Discount" when you buy two kittens from us.  This discount is available whether you choose littermates, or return at a later time for your second ForestWind kitten. This discount is deducted from your final payment.

Q: Do you ever have adult Siberians available? 
A:  Yes, we place our retired Siberians as pets. Please indicate you desire to adopt an adult when you contact us. Our retired adult Siberian application process is much more involved than that for a kitten. Retired cats are not free, and do require more patience and effort than buying a kitten. 

Q: How much do adult cats cost to buy? 
A: Retired Siberian Adults and Teenagers are about 50% the cost of a kitten. 
Please note: We regret that we are unable to place our retired adults into any of the following situations: 
* allergy or asthma homes; 
* children under 10 years old; 
* home has other cats (dogs may be acceptable depending on the temperament of retiree); 
* homes with smokers.

Q:  Has my kitten been examined by a veterinarian and found healthy? 
A: Yes, your kitten has been examined by a Veterinarian and found healthy. Kittens have received 2 "distemper" vaccinations and are microchipped before home going. They are also protected against parasites. 

Q: How old should my Siberian be when I have my veterinarian neuter or spay my kitten? 
A:  Siberian kittens can be safely desexed between 5 and 6 months of age. 

Q: I changed my mind about purchasing a kitten, may I have my money back? 
A: We regret to disappoint you, but all payments made towards purchase, or allergy challenges are non-refundable. 

Q:  I want to pick out my kitten in person, do you allow this? 
A:  We apologize, but we do not allow in person selection. We help you assess your needs and we evaluate our kittens' temperaments to ensure you bring home the kitten or kittens best suited to you and your home. 

Q:  I am cat allergic / asthmatic, do I have extra approval and purchase requirements?  
A: Yes, allergy or asthma homes have extra purchase requirements, such as passing an allergy challenge, learning about grooming and care steps to reduce reactivity, and securing a Safe Home before bringing your Siberian kitten home. 

Q: What is my first exploration step? 
A: Reading the Kitten FAQs and returning the fully completed Contact Us Form. 

Q: By submitting the Contact Us  form, am I obligated to purchase a kitten?
A: No. There is no requirement or implied obligation to purchase from us when you complete and return any form other than a reservation or a confirmation (aka kitten selection) form.  

Q: Is there a fee for me to submit these forms?  
A: There are no charges accrued by returning completed the Contact Us or Allergy Questions forms.  

Q: Why is it necessary to complete these forms? Can't you just call me and answer all my questions?
A: Completing and returning the forms is an opportunity for you to share your questions and preferences with us.   Completing the allergy/asthma form, if necessary, allows us to provide you supportive information and feedback about how effective we believe your experience with bringing home a ForestWind kitten would be. Many of your questions will be answered via these two way dialogues. Therefor, we require completion and submissions of the above form(s) prior to scheduling a phone call with you. 

Q: Why?
A: Most of the information about the Siberian breed, our breeding program, testimonials about purchasing with us, photos of our kittens, and much, much more information can be found  on our website,  and on our Facebook Fan page.
This step is necessary to select out  window shoppers who are not taking time to conduct their breed research first. There are many breeders who are happy to sell you a kitten with no requirements. That is not the philosophy of ForestWind Siberians. 

Our Siberians are a labour of love for us. We spend an enormous amount of time every single day of the year taking care of our Siberians and of our ForestWind Kitten Families. In return, we expect you will responsibly conduct your research, share information about yourself, and about why you are interested in our Siberians. Then we are very happy to call and discuss particulars with you - including more about your specific kitten needs and wants.

Please note: if you are cat allergic or asthmatic, you will receive an email with questions about your allergies or asthma. Your answers help us provide you with personalized information designed to help you enjoy a successful Siberian kitten purchase with us :) 

Q: I can't afford the whole purchase price right now, may I take my Siberian home now, and pay you the balance over time?
A:  We are deeply sorry, but due to having been scammed several times, we are no longer able to send any Siberian home pending payment in full.

Q:  What are my options for getting my Siberian safely to my home? 
A:  We coordinate pick up arrangements with you at the time of your kitten selection. We do require pick up in person. 

Q: Where do your Siberians live? I’ve heard that some breeders raise their Siberian cats and kittens in barns or sheds in their backyards, or even in cages!
A: At ForestWind, our Siberians live and play inside our home.  Our Siberians grow up healthy and happy because they are loved and well cared for right in the heart of our family, just as you would want them to be. They are not caged or crated unless they are traveling. 

Q: Where is ForestWind Siberians located? 
A: We are located in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Our kittens can be found from  Africa to Australia,  Europe to Scandinavia,  Japan to New Zealand, as well as from coast to coast in both Canada and the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. We look forward to helping you welcome your very own ForestWind Siberian kitty home!