Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 

ForestWind Siberian's Kitten Purchase Process

There is no cost or obligation to purchase when you complete and return informational forms.  Instead you will benefit from our extensive expertise and experience in working with Siberian cats and Siberian pet families.

Here are the steps to working with ForestWind:

Learn about ForestWind Siberians

1. Read the Learn About Us information. 
2. Read the Kitten FAQs

Engage with ForestWind Siberians

3. Complete and send the Contact Us form located on this website - yes, your complete address is required. That means your house or apt number, Street, City, State (Province), Country, and Zip Code (postal code). 
4. Respond to any questions we of you ask in reply. 
  If you are not cat allergic or asthmatic, you may now skip ahead to Step 11.  

Explore Allergy Options 

5. If you are cat allergic or asthmatic, after completing and responding to the Contact Us Form, you will receive our Allergy / Asthma FYI & Form via email. 
6. Complete and return your Allergy / Asthma Form. There are many questions!  Be cautious if you use gmail, it often truncates the original email in one's response. 
7. Respond to any questions we ask of you in reply. 
8. Read any informational or allergy challenge emails we send in response to your Allergy / Asthma Form.
9. If approved as a kitten home pending a successful allergy challenge, make arrangements to conduct the                     necessary challenge. 
10. If your challenge is successful, your kitten reservation with ForestWind will be confirmed.  

Make Your Kitten Reservation 

11. Receive the Kitten Reservation Form via email 
12. Complete and return your Kitten Reservation Form. 
12. Make your reservation payment. 

Remain Informed and Involved

13. After your Reservation is complete, you will receive sign in information for the ForestWind Family Library. 
14. Sign into the private ForestWind Family Library and read the many helpful documents posted there. Let us know if there is information you feel would be helpful to have added to the Library. 
15. Prioritise email, phone, and text communications from ForestWind so that you will not miss an opportunity to bring home a kitten because you missed a communication. 

Prepare to Bring Your Kitten Home 

16. Using the Library and reading books about cat care will help you set up your home and expectations to ensure that your Siberian kitten settles in happily and healthily to your family. It is especially important to learn about nutrition and environmental enrichment options and decide which to implement prior to bringing your kitten home. 

Select Your Kitten

17. Kittens are selected in order of reservation.

Coordinate Kitten Pick up with Breeder. 

18. All kittens are picked up in person  - no exceptions. We do not ship / we do not courier. You must be able to pick up your kitten in person in Pittsburgh, PA. We winter in the South, so occasionally kittens may be available to go home from there.  Since we have retired, we spend more time with our family and our pets travel with us. This may mean the opportunity to pick up a kitten in a different East Coast city. 
19. If Flying, explore best airlines for pet travel. Purchase an airline compliant kitten carrier - typically this carrier is not large enough to use when your Siberian is a teenager or adult. Consider donating it to your local shelter after homecoming. 

Provide a Successful and Patient Transition Period

20. Transition your Kitten according to ForestWind's Transition instructions (see Library). Stay in direct communication with ForestWind Siberians until your kitten is well settled and behaving affectionately and playfully with a variety of people and is confident and comfortable in a variety of situations.
21. We are here to support you during the life of your ForestWind Siberian cat.