Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 

Learn About ForestWind Siberian Cattery  

We appreciate your interest in  about learning more about our sweet ForestWind Siberians, and are happy to answer questions and share our information. 

ForestWind Siberians is a breeder who shares a lot of information with you (please do read it). We believe in buyers who are well informed, and we want our process to be as transparent as possible. 

Exploration: Every potential kitten home completes an initial inquiry form.  If you are cat allergic, asthmatic, or special needs home, we have a stepped assessment process for you.  If you would like to chat by phone,  we ask that you demonstrate your interest in ForestWind by  completing and returning the Contact Us form - and our Allergy / Asthma Form if necessary -  before we schedule your phone appointment.  There is no cost or obligation to purchase when you complete and return informational forms.  Instead you will benefit from our extensive expertise and experience in working with Siberian cats and Siberian pet families. Read our Kitten FAQs and Purchase Process FYI to help you decide if ForestWind Siberians is the right cattery for you to work with. 

Experienced: We are in our 17th year of working with Siberian cats, and bring our experience and expertise to bear for your benefit.  We continue to study and learn, both by participating in international cat forums and veterinary research lists, as well as participating in educational seminars. 

Known and Respected: We have had a verified  Facebook Page  since 2010 where we have 40 five star reviews; we have had a no ads Website with 11 pages of testimonials since 2006; we have served as the President of the Taiga Club for several years, we administrate two Breeders-only Facebook groups - one Mentoring and one for Genetics & Health. We are registered with TICA and CFA,  cat registries. We are a Lifetime member of CFA. 

Small, nurturing cattery: We are a family who loves and raises Siberian cats in our home and does our best to match our kitten and its temperament and needs to the needs and preferences that you express to us.  This means that you may need to be patient while waiting for your kitten.  While we do our best to ensure every family gets a kitten in a timely fashion by limiting our reservations, nature is still "the boss," and there are times that our queens (mama cats), have very small litters, which of course limits the number of kittens.  

Collaboration: Getting a Siberian kitten from ForestWind is a collaborative process. We are learning about you and your needs, and you are learning about us and our Siberians. Please feel comfortable asking as many questions - and for as many clarifications - as you need. There are no "stupid" or "silly" questions - they are all good! Sometimes we will refer you to information on our web site,  in other instances the situation might be particular to you and your home and we will answer that question with individually specific information :) ForestWind Siberians is definitely not the right breeder for every family, so we happily share contact information for many other Siberians breeders on our Links page.   The Links page is a resource for you, not a recommendation of a breeder by us. Conduct due diligence in your research.

Labour of Love: Our Siberians are not a business to us. Our Siberians are our beloved pets. We adore the breed and do everything we humanly can to protect it and to provide our own Siberians and each ForestWind Siberian a happy and healthy life.  We are dedicated to answering your questions, including researching topics extensively when needed. However, please remember to be realistic about response time and repetitive questions. We are not a hobby cattery.  We are not "open" 24 hours a day, we love and live with our Siberians, sleep, spend time with our family, and engage in activities other than those related to placing kittens. 

Diversity for Health: Since we focus our breeding program on health, temperament, and genetic diversity, there is more of a range in the appearance and size of our Siberians than there is in a cattery who is breeding with the more genetically limited lines for the show hall. If you are looking for a show kitten, you will want to look for breeders who are spending a lot of time and money in the show halls - this is not us, nor is it our focus. 

Learning Process: We know you are eager to bring home your Siberian kitten, and are spending a lot of your time thinking about this, researching it, and getting ready. We are delighted to help you with this. Many of the topics and information people want is already published on our website, in our emails to you, and on our Facebook page. Please read carefully prior to asking a list of questions, thank you :)  Please be sure to carefully read the detailed information we share with you,  as it assists you in staying on track. You might wish to print this information out and save it in a binder to refer to as you progress through your kitten exploration.  Remember, you begin this process by taking the time to carefully read through the information we share, and then to share some basic information about yourself and the temperament, activity level, and appearance of the Siberian kitten you would like to bring home.  Take time to enjoy your kitten exploration process!  Well bred, healthy Siberians are a long lived breed, typically thriving for 11 to 13 years, and a fair number of Siberians live 14 to 17 years. Let's work together to make those terrific years for you and for your Siberian!  We encourage you to "Like and Follow" us on our Facebook Fan page ForestWind Siberian Cats where we share helpful Siberian cat information and resources, as well as cute kitty photos, of course! You can also follow us on Instagram

Kitten Selection: When it is time for kitten selection, we work closely with you. You complete a set of questions about your current preferences and needs, and we recommend appropriate kittens and share their photos & descriptions with you.  


*Yes, we have kittens available in 2023! 

* Yes, we offer a complete genetic health warranty - and it even includes FIP. 

* Yes, we'd love to chat with you 😺 (see above for prerequisites to scheduling a phone call).

* Yes, we take pride in our wonderful group of kitten parents, and offer our support and information for the life of your ForestWind Siberian cat. 

Yes, we breed Siberian cats because we love the breed and deeply believe in their benefit as happy and healthy family members for cat allergic or asthmatic homes, as well as hold an exceptional role as therapy pets.

* Yes, in most cases, if you are allergic you can get a fur sample. 

* Yes, all of our our pet kittens are placed microchipped and vaccinated. 

* Yes, our kittens go home between 3 and 4 months of age to allow for proper emotional and physical development. Each litter is different and dates are set with the kittens' needs and best interests as our standard. 

* Yes, we will have retired Siberians available in 2023. These adult Siberians have been raised in our breeding program. We place our Siberian Retirees in non smoking, non allergy, non asthma, homes as single pets, or occasionally with a dog. Retiree Homes are either child free or children are over ten years. 

* Yes, we look forward to meeting you in person when you pick up your kitten. We do not ship nor courier kittens. 

* And, yes, we take breeding and raising our Siberians seriously.