Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 


It's a Labour of Love: Our Siberians are not a business to us. Our Siberians are our beloved pets. We adore this breed and do everything we humanly can to protect it and to provide our own Siberians and each ForestWind kitten a happy and healthy life. We like to say that Siberian cat breeding is "Our profession first, and a business second."   We are dedicated to answering all of your questions, including researching topics extensively when needed. However, please remember to be realistic about response time and repetitive questions. We are not a business - we are not "open" 24 hours a day, and we do raise and live with our Siberians, sleep, spend time with each other, and engage in activities other than those related to placing kittens. Learn about us by reading about our cattery and how the kitten exploration and purchase process with us works. 

We are in our 17th year of working with Siberian cats, and bring our successful experience and expertise to bear for your benefit. Every potential home completes an initial inquiry form.  If you are cat allergic, asthmatic, or a special needs home, we have a stepped assessment process for you. 

There is no cost or obligation to purchase when you complete and return informational forms.  Instead you will benefit from our extensive expertise and experience in working with Siberian cats and Siberian pet families.

If you would like to chat by telephone, we ask that you demonstrate your sincere interest in the ForestWind Siberians cattery by completing and returning your Contact Us Form, and our Allergy / Asthma Form, if necessary,  before we schedule your phone appointment with you. Learn more by reading our Kitten FAQs

Did you know that ForestWind Siberians places most of our kittens into cat allergic and / or asthmatic homes? Even better, we do it successfully! As we enter our 16th year of Siberian Cat breeding, we have only needed to rehome three kittens who were placed into allergy or asthma homes.  Learn more about ForestWind's Kitten Placement into Allergy or Asthmatic homes